RusMap v2.0 (1.36.x) for ETS 2

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Map Mods for ETS 2

Maps for ETS2 Map mods: Find the best high quality map mods for ETS2 game. Change defaut game with new map, territories, countries, new roads to drive, new places to discovered.

In this category you will find the best maps mods for ETS2 game, extensions for the standard map, new DLC addons, new maps, cities rebuiled and much more.

Top Best ETS2 maps:
- Mario Map for ETS2: combine all maps together in a new one;
- ProMods Map: another great big map for ETS2;
- TruckSim Map: another high quality map for ETS2;
- Russian Maps, Poland Maps, Romania Maps, Brasil Maps, Canada Maps and many other maps for ETS2.
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Project Balkans v4.0: ProMods Addon (1.36.x) v1.36.xAdded by: admin Views: 57
RO-Rebuild (Black Sea Rebuild) v1.2 (1.36.x) v1.36.xAdded by: tacsi68 Views: 268
Niedersachsenmap [N-Map] v1.8 [1.36.x] v1.36.xAdded by: tacsi68 Views: 158
RoExtended Project v2.4 by Arayas (1.36.x) v1.36.xAdded by: admin Views: 356
Romania Reworked v1.2 (1.36.x) v1.36.xAdded by: admin Views: 205
RO-Rebuild (Black Sea Rebuild) v1.1 (1.36.x) v1.36.xAdded by: admin Views: 200
Yksrsk Turkey Map And DLC v1.95 (1.36.x) v1.36.xAdded by: admin Views: 411
RusMap v2.0 (1.36.x) for ETS 2 v1.36.xAdded by: admin Views: 2 213
RusMap v1.9.2 (1.35.x+) v1.35.x, v1.36.xAdded by: tacsi68 Views: 398
Slovakia Map v6.2.8 by kapo944 (1.36.x) v1.36.xAdded by: admin Views: 248
Mediterranean Map v0.1 (1.36.x) v1.36.xAdded by: admin Views: 477
Grand Utopia Map v1.7 by MyGodness (1.36.x) v1.36.xAdded by: admin Views: 403
SibirMap v0.4.2 by 10AVOID (1.35.x) for ETS2 v1.35.xAdded by: admin Views: 226
Promods, Rusmap, Romania Extended v1.0 (1.36.x) v1.36.xAdded by: fiju29 Views: 568
EAA MAP 5.3 [1.36x] v1.36.xAdded by: tacsi68 Views: 685
ProMods Map 2.43 (1.36.x) v1.36.xAdded by: admin Views: 1 204
FSG Map part Alsace v1.1.1 [1.36.x] v1.36.xAdded by: tacsi68 Views: 256
Poland Rebuilding Reworked Map v2.4 (1.35.x) v1.35.xAdded by: admin Views: 439
Fix for the Southern Region Map v7.9.0 [1.36.x] v1.36.xAdded by: tacsi68 Views: 441
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  1. admin admin21 January 2020 13:13 Peterbilt 281-351 + Trailers v2.0 (v1.36.x) for American... Peterbilt 281-351 + Trailers v2.0 (v1.36.x) for ETS 2
  1. admin admin20 January 2020 13:33 Mod does not require any password. Check your Winrar or... Volvo FH&FH16 2009 v1.5 by Schumi (1.36.x)
  1. Ehsan Ehsan20 January 2020 13:04 it need password for unzip...... Volvo FH&FH16 2009 v1.5 by Schumi (1.36.x)
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