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Mario Map v13.1 (1.50.x) for ETS2

Author: | | Views: 38 296 | Comments: 24
Mario Map v13.1 (1.50.x) for ETS2 Version game: v1.50.x Mod Updated to v13.1 Total views: 38 296
Category: Maps ETS 2
Version Game: v1.50.x
Credits: Mario1961, Term99, BenganJ, Renzo428, Deco13, gmtavares, Topolino, EdgeGladiator, poland.ball, Tandem M&T

Description about « Mario Map v13.1 (1.50.x) for ETS2 »

Mod Mario Map v13.1 (1.50.x) for ETS2 | Euro Truck Simulator 2 game.

Mario Map - is the famous popular map which extend territories in ETS2. The add-on adds a huge location to the game with new states, cities, freeways, towns, buildings and other attributes of new territories. After the installation of the modification, the standard map of Europe from all sides appears to be overgrown with new places, thereby adding additional directions and increasing the length of the road several tens of times.

Features Mario Map:

- Map is very large;
- This mod combine several other maps from various authors in one pack;
- Map Mario 12.8 includes Europe, Africa, part of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, as well as South and North America;
- More than 1000 cities are added in total;
- More than 10000 km roads;
- Additional complex traffic interchanges and related facilities have been implemented;
- A lot of new parking lots, gas stations and repair stations;
- Requires all DLC's;
- The first loading of the map may take a long time (do not assume that the game is frozen). Depending on the power of the PC, the first time can take up to 20 minutes!

Changes in v13.1:

- Adapted to the latest game patch 1.50;

- All 9 files have been updated;
- The map has been adapted to work with version 1.50 of the game;
- All found errors have been fixed;

Tested on game version 1.50.x 

Mario Map v13.1 (1.50.x) for ETS2 Mario Map v13.1 (1.50.x) for ETS2 Mario Map v13.1 (1.50.x) for ETS2 Mario Map v13.1 (1.50.x) for ETS2 Mario Map v13.1 (1.50.x) for ETS2 Mario Map v13.1 (1.50.x) for ETS2 Mario Map v13.1 (1.50.x) for ETS2 Mario Map v13.1 (1.50.x) for ETS2

Changes in v13.0 (1.47.x):
- Adapted to the latest game patch 1.47;
- Fixed bugs from previous version;
- Added new truck: MAN TG3 TGX.

Download Link 1Download Link 2Download Link 3

Changes in v12.9 (1.46.x):

- Adapted to the latest game patch 1.46;

- Fixed bugs from previous version.

Download Link 1 | Download Link 2

Changes in v12.8 (1.43.x):

- Adapted to the latest game patch 1.43;

- Fixed bugs from previous version.

Download Link 1 | Download Link 2

Changes in v12.8 (1.39.x):

- mod adapted to the latest game patch 1.39;

- fixed bugs from previous version;

Download Link 1 | Download Link 2

Changes in v12.8 (1.38.x):

- mod adapted to the latest patch 1.38;

- fixed bugs from previous version;

- many files have been fixed.

Download Link 1 | Download Link 2

Simple steps to install ETS2 Mods:

- Download the mod «Mario Map v13.1 (1.50.x) for ETS2»
- Use WinRAR or 7-zip and unzip the archive;
- Copy the file with the extension .scs in My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator/mod folder
- Start the game, go to your profile, see the Mod manager and activate the mod.

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Comments - 24

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  1. Corné
    • +2

    There are problems when i need the boat from Porto to rio de janeiro then the game is crashing!

  2. ADHS
    • +3

    Hello admin and thank you for your reply.

    As i am using Mario maps since .... (i can't remember how many years 😁)

    i had no problem back then. F.e. with 1.40 (of ETS2) was working fine besides

    the size of the map. I am thinking that i was using Windows 7 x64 and now

    i am in 10, maybe this has to do something. Yes, i know about the 1st load

    process (cahing shaders) and i always used to exit and re-run the game after this.

    The problem comes after, while in game and i am hoping in time Mario gives

    us a fixed version.

    Thank you, again 👍

  3. ADHS
    • +1


    It's been 2 days that i am downloading Mario Map for ETS2

    and the problem is when i am trying to load a save or quick save file

    it takes too long.

    The related Mario for ATS works and loads instantly the save file,

    but this one for ETS2 is not.

    Tested on: 1.43. and 1.43.41

    Also, tested with no mods, and both are loading instantly.

    1. admin
      • +2


      Please read this ,,The first loading of the map may take a long time (do not assume that the game is frozen). Depending on the power of the PC, the first time can take up to 20 minutes!"

      The ETS2 version is much larger than the ATS version, so it requires a longer load time.

      Best regards!

  4. admin
    • 0

    Optimizations and Fixes for Mario Map ETS2 1.39 

    Optimizations and Fixes for Mario Map v0.4 (v1.39.x):

    - This mod fix optimizes the Mario map for weak PCs and fixes the errors found

    - This mod was created for weak PCs
    - Namely, where the density of vegetation is high, so is the change in some patterns.
    - Mod created on version 1.39


    Changes in v0.4:

    South America:
    - Across South America, Cactus density has been reduced at 2,100+ sites,
    - 10 small fixes.


    - Fixed the position of 120 billboards throughout Russia (280 billboards tested)
    - Reworked 13 roads in the category - "bad roads". And added triggers that warn of damaged roads (it's better to slow down to 30 km / h)
    - Fixed the position of 14 police officers, and 1 on the traffic police car (Checked the position of 332 police officers)
    - Removed 3 police officers
    - Removed 1 item without texture.



    Author: Smoked_Sampai


  5. Slayercomando
    • +1

    Game Crash via türkie city

  6. Nikoleta
    • 0

    I've done that already...I have version 1.39, I only activated the maps mods in the profile to be sure but nothing. I put them in order from 1 to 9 but nothing. I don't get the chance to put a start location. It crashes!Thanks anyway for your quick answer!

  7. Nikoleta
    • 0


    I put the files in the mods folder, I created a new profile but unfortenately after activating the files while the game is loading suddenly the game crashes and exits back to Windows...Any idea how to fix this problem?

    1. admin
      • +1


      Maybe is a conflict with other mod, try just the map with a new profile and change start location.


      Best regards!

  8. ConfuTianus
    • +1

    I'd like this map mod very very much! <3

  9. Vlado
    • +1

    Hallo map is not working version 1.39 please update thanks.

    1. admin
      • 0

      Map is compatible only with 1.38.x game version.


      Best regards!

  10. elienai
    • 0

    qual e a ordem do mod de combo de mapa  no gerenciado de mod no jogo


  11. fred
    • +3

     Instalei e adiconei tudo certo, mas não aparece as cidades para selecionar...tem alguma seguência diferente que eu vi no video...

     vc poderia passar pelo profiles, queria tanto esse mapa funcionando no meu jogo, achei esse mapa muito interessante.



    I installed and added everything right, but there are no cities to select ... there is some different sequence that I saw in the video ... you could go through the profiles, I wanted this map working in my game so much, I found this map very interesting.

  12. Luis Le
    • +1

    Do not work to me. so sad.

  13. ooollaa
    • +2

    Everything works fine. Thanks for the map

  14. erko
    • -1

    ei hakka tööle viskab välja, mis on valesti

  15. Mahmoud Ahmed
    • +1

    how to fix police ? Signal breaking violation and speed increase ؟

  16. Razor
    • +2

    a super map! so don't have to download many map mods individually! works absolutely flawlessly :) big thx

  17. Paulo Jacuniak
    • -11

    Mario map is for loosers...

  18. Paulo Jacuniak
    • -9

    the worst of all maps, full of stolen maps, nothing interesting, hundreds of roads with nothing, just nothing and nothing else, it's not worth it, you can't drive 10 km without your computer crashing due to an error or other ... .

  19. admin
    • +2

    Correct order and how to install in the video bellow



  20. PERCA7
    • 0

    Hi my friend, the nomber one part this a fall

  21. Apex
    • 0

    Don't work with 1.34. At the loading screen, the loading freeze...  And the weather mod is not compatible with 1.34... I don't have any other mod it's the only one activated

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