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#TruckAtHome Event

Author: tacsi68 | 30-03-2020, 14:03 | Views: 945 | Comments: 1
#TruckAtHome Event News ETS2 Total views: 945

#TruckAtHome Event

Virtual Truckers of the world, we are all enduring a difficult time, as the world fights against COVID-19. 
It's time for us to respond in the best way we can.
Heroic drivers and support crew around the world are currently delivering much-needed 
supplies and providing life-saving services. Their work keeps the world moving and is incredibly challenging and dangerous.

When reflecting on this we might ask the question, what can we do.
The scientific advice is clear, the best thing we can do is to stay at home and keep physical interaction to a minimum. 
So, we are calling on you, our #BestCommunityEver, as a salute to these heroes, to unite and to #TruckAtHome. 
Let's stand alone together, keep the world safe, and let's participate in a World of Trucks community event! 

Our slogan for this event is #TruckAtHome and our goal is simple, to get as many 
people involved, in any way they can, while remaining at home. Complete as many jobs as you can, 
there is no special cargo and no minimum distance. Choose the longest jobs possible or do many short jobs,
 it's up to you because we are going to track the delivery distance required for all jobs completed, 
then add them up. You can even use your own trailers in the External Market! 

We are in the middle of beta testing upcoming updates to our games, and injecting new content into the games is just not possible unless we restart the betas. So, instead of going the usual Steam Inventory route, we have had to improvise. As an incentive to get more players involved, we are providing a free Steam Workshop #TruckAtHome paint job mod for the event. We'll be handing out free Steam keys to get even more people playing. And, we also pledge to undertake positive actions to help those who are combating COVID-19, more details in the rules. The more distance covered during the event, the more keys we will give away and the more pledges we will make. Every kilometer, every mile counts! We feel that it is crucial to send the message now, when it matters most.

Event's paint job MODs can be downloaded here:

#TruckAtHome Event Rules:

Using External Contracts or External Market, with a World of Trucks-connected profile, 
in Euro Truck Simulator 2American Truck Simulator or both, the community is to cover as 
much distance as possible while making deliveries. All completed jobs will have 
their planned route distance added to the event progress.

For each milestone of 20,000,000 km reached by the community, we will be offering 
Steam keys in a special social media giveaway campaign. Furthermore, we pledge to undertake a 
positive action to help those who are combating COVID-19 for each milestone reached, 
and will announce these on a case by case basis.

A player will reach their personal goal once they have delivered over a combined planned route distance of 2,500 km or more.


Personal goal: An individual contribution of completed deliveries reaching a combined 
planned route distance of 2,500 km (ca. 1,600 miles) or more earns that player a 
prestigious World of Trucks Achievement. Then, after 1.37 has been released, we will 
further complement this with a special Steam inventory item reward, yet to be announced.

Community goals: For each milestone of 20,000,000 km (ca. 12,500,000 miles) reached 
by the community, we will be offering Steam keys in a special social media giveaway campaign. 
Furthermore, we pledge to undertake a positive action to help those who are combating COVID-19 
for each milestone reached and will announce these on a case by case basis.

The event will be concluded on Monday the 6th of April at 23:59 UTC. 

Let's get the message out there to #TruckAtHome, and make the world a safer place. 
Play Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator during this unprecedented event. 
Any content under #TruckAtHome along with tagging our profiles on Facebook (SCSATSETS2), Instagram 
or Twitter will be in the running for a special reward. Post videos, take screenshots, write reviews, 
create chat rooms and discuss the event and message, make artwork about it. 
Do whatever it takes, just stay at home and stay safe. 

Are you an established streamer? Get in touch with us (through this email) to obtain 
Steam keys to engage your audience during the event. Please make sure your message is written in English. 

We have crafted this event really quickly compared to previous events. 
It may not offer a glorious trailer to haul and we promised a reward only after 1.37, but it 
was undertaken because we feel it was the right thing to do, because it was the most we can 
do and because we feel the message needs to be sent out loud and clear, 
not next week, not tomorrow but now – stay home and stay safe. 
Thank you for understanding and enjoy the event! 

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    • User Offline admin | Administrators | № 1 | 3 April 2020 01:49 | 259 | 3 488
      • +1

    300,000,000kms! An astounding milestone! 👏
     We have donated 50,000czk to provide more than 800 meals for those working in the emergency services during this difficult time 🚨
     These meals are prepared, cooked and delivered by a very skilled & well known local chef & his team 👩‍🍳

    TruckATHomeSource : Facebook

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