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Enhanced Graphics Mod v2.0.3 (1.49.x) for ETS2

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Enhanced Graphics Mod v2.0.3 (1.49.x) for ETS2 Version game: v1.49.x Mod Updated to v2.0.3 Total views: 4 070
Category: Graphics - Environments
Version Game: v1.49.x
Credits: Piotrek

Description about « Enhanced Graphics Mod v2.0.3 (1.49.x) for ETS2 »

Mod Enhanced Graphics Mod v2.0.3 (1.49.x) for ETS2 | Euro Truck Simulator 2 game.

Enhanced Graphics - this modification aims to improve the visual quality and realism of the game by introducing various improvements to graphics settings, textures, lighting, and effects. With this mod installed, players can enjoy sharper textures, more realistic lighting and shadows, improved weather effects, and overall enhanced visuals that make the virtual trucking experience more immersive and enjoyable.

Features Enhanced Graphics:
- More Realistic FOV Mirrors
- Added More Exposure and Game Saturation
- Improvement  Sunshaft, Fog and Depth of Field (DoF)
- Improvement some Sign Texture to High Resolution
- Improvement Flares of Street Lamps and Trucks
- Improvement Traffic Lights
- New Rain Texture and Physics of Rain
- High Resolution Texture of Water
- High Resolution Texture of Road Signs for Poland, UK, Germany, Italia, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Sweden, and Austria
- High Quality Models of Road Signs (work in progress)
- Added More Reflection on Road when it's Rainy
- Improvement Road Specular
- Improvement Road Specular
- Improvement Lights of Trucks
- Improvement Roads in Germany
- Improvement Lights in Night
- Changed Barrier Texture
- Changed in some Tunnel Lights and added Normal Map to more realistic
- New Signs Model and Texture (work in progress)
- Added High Resolution Texture of Clouds Shadow
- No Saving Message on left top corner
- Improvement Steering Wheel Mercedes
- Changed Flares Lights from Yellow to White
- Wipers has 3 speed mode (very slow, slow, fast, very fast)
- Changed Lights in Tunnels on White
- Improvement Color of Cologne Rodenkirchen Bridge
- 35 4K High Quality Textures of Company Trailer (work in progress)
- 7 NEW 8K (8192 x 2048) High Quality Road Texture
- 3 NEW 4K (4096 x 4096) High Quality Road Texture
- Rain Command g_bad_weather_factor 1.0 (1.0 ON, 0.0 OFF)
- Added line mp_mod_optional: true

Tested on game version 1.49.x
Enhanced Graphics Mod v2.0.3 (1.49.x) for ETS2 Enhanced Graphics Mod v2.0.3 (1.49.x) for ETS2 Enhanced Graphics Mod v2.0.3 (1.49.x) for ETS2 Enhanced Graphics Mod v2.0.3 (1.49.x) for ETS2 Enhanced Graphics Mod v2.0.3 (1.49.x) for ETS2 Enhanced Graphics Mod v2.0.3 (1.49.x) for ETS2 Enhanced Graphics Mod v2.0.3 (1.49.x) for ETS2 Enhanced Graphics Mod v2.0.3 (1.49.x) for ETS2
Changes in v2.0.3 (1.49.x):
- Added More Blue Color in Fog
- Added More Intensity in Sunshaft
- Fixed Physics when Raining
- Added Little Bit Blue Color in Shadows
- Added Little Bit Orange-Yellow Color in Light
- Changes in Visiblilty Truck Light when Starting Sunrise and Sunset
- Changes in Wipers Now Has 3 Speed Mode ( Slow, Fast, Very Fast)

Simple steps to install ETS2 Mods:

- Download the mod «Enhanced Graphics Mod v2.0.3 (1.49.x) for ETS2»
- Use WinRAR or 7-zip and unzip the archive;
- Copy the file with the extension .scs in My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator/mod folder
- Start the game, go to your profile, see the Mod manager and activate the mod.

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