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MAN EURO 6 v5.0

Author: tacsi68 | 5-05-2015, 14:56 | Views: 2 995 | Comments: 0
MAN EURO 6 v5.0 Version game: 1.17.x Total views: 2 995
Category: MAN Trucks
Version Game: 1.17.x
Credits: SCS, Danz, Mr.Green, Ostry, Tomson, Vlasta, HomerS
Submited by: tacsi68

Description about MAN EURO 6 v5.0

MAN EURO 6 v5.0 for ETS2 v1.17.x



Fix shadow under wheel on tandem chassis
Fix tandem trailer shadow under wheel

Test version 1.10.1 , , ,1.12 ,1.16, 1.17

Readme V1.0:

Original paintjob from SCS – do not work
Metallic DLC paint – only color, NO style
TEMPLATE TANDEM save only (vehicletruckupgradetandemman_tgxtandem.­dds and

3 types cabin (xl,xlx,xxl)
4 types chassis (4×2,6×2,6x2_4,tandem)
All types sunvisor
All types bottom,roof,frontgrill
All types doorstep
All types doorhandle
All types mirror (side,front)
2 types tandem (sail,container)
2 types tandem trailer (sail,container)
All types interior
EU,UK interior visible from exterior
Day light

Readme V2.0:

Edit day light position and flare
Add chrome front,side mirror (EU,UK)
Add couple new tuning parts (one paint bottomgrill,one paint roofgrill+two slots on mask,three slots on frontgrill,two halogen light)
Fix exhaust tuning parts
Fix shadow

Readme V3.0:

Add one small light for tuning shop
Edit plast(black) texture

Readme V4.0:

Add plastic sideskirt 4×2,6×4,6x2_4
Add paint(V8) sideskirt 4×2,6×4,6x2_4
Fix Tandem
Edit last axle on tandem chassis
New front lightmask

Readme V5.0:
Update for 1.17
Add lift axle chassis
Add dashboard color
Update color
Add/edit any dashboard animation: lift axle,stop,water,oil,grill aux light,light – only EU
Fix shadow on tandem chassis.

SCS, Danz, Mr.Green, Ostry, Tomson, Vlasta, HomerS


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