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Renault T Light Improvements v1.4 - Euro Truck Simulator 2

Author: admin | 17-10-2019, 22:11 | Views: 987 | Comments: 0
Renault T Light Improvements v1.4 - Euro Truck Simulator 2 Gameplay Videos Total views: 987
Gameplay videos with Renault T Light Improvements v1.4 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 game.

Changelog Light Improvements v1.4:
  • Advanced coupling got fixed
  • Rearfenders got fixed
  • Sepperated Chassis
  • Remade materials of all painted parts from my mod.
New in v1.4:
  • Renault Aero Parts (Front/Sideskirts 4×2 only)
  • Dirt deflectors (Side Deflector slot)
  • Window deflectors (Sidemirror slot)
  • Sunshields standard extended black
  • White Roofmarkers
  • Custom Sideskirts 4×2 6×2/4 6×24 (Sidepipe or non pipe)
  • 4×2 Square sidebar whit orange lights
  • New custom sunshield
  • 2 Lightboxes as accessory
  • French & German plate
  • Removeable sidereflector
  • Painted lights xenon/halogen (Thanks to umri20)
  • Painted Rearfenders/Covers all varaints added (Thanks to Sogard3)
  • Staircase slot for front fenders also in paint (Thanks again to Sogard3)
  • Added curtain in exterior view
  • Templates added for custom parts/String lines for paintjob system included.

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