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Scania Next Gen ReMoled v2.0.1 (1.49.x) for ETS2

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Scania Next Gen ReMoled v2.0.1 (1.49.x) for ETS2 Version game: v1.49.x Mod Updated to v2.0.1 Total views: 16 381
Category: Other Parts ETS 2
Version Game: v1.49.x
Credits: Solutech, Mohegan, GTMike, Obelihnio

Description about « Scania Next Gen ReMoled v2.0.1 (1.49.x) for ETS2 »

Download mod Scania Next Gen ReMoled v2.0.1 (1.49.x) for ETS2 | Euro Truck Simulator 2 game.

Scania Next Gen-ReMoled - a modification created for all lovers of hauling goods on the Scania S & R 2016 Next Gen. Adds a lot of new tuning and accessories to these trucks. Scania Next Gen-ReMoled is a modified version of the Scania Next Gen truck with new textures, reworked interior, and improved exterior lighting. Mod offering a more realistic and detailed experience while driving a Scania truck in the virtual world. The mod was created by a group of modders from Poland under the name Remoled Team. 

Features Scania Next Gen-ReMoled:
- Aero Slots for all types of chassis and cabins
- Kelsa Lobar SL9 & SL12 paintable
- Kelsa Multibar XL chrome and paintable
- Kelsa BakBar High and Low Mount with extra slots and extra work lights (reversing)
- Kelsa AirBar - 4 options plus slots
- Lazer Evo LED Indicators
- Saddle caps - 4 options
- Additional slots for paintable mirrors UK / EU (not from MG Luxury DLC)
- A range of small lights and strobe lights by Mohegan
- Selected accessories from old mods
- Choice of lights and additional options from the Remoled 12.2 mod
- Added Light Pack

Changes in v2.0.1:
- Adapted to the latest game patch 1.49 (Unofficial update);
- Fixed rear fender and main mirror pink textures.

Tested on game version 1.49.x

Scania Next Gen ReMoled v2.0.1 (1.49.x) for ETS2 Scania Next Gen ReMoled v2.0.1 (1.49.x) for ETS2 Scania Next Gen ReMoled v2.0.1 (1.49.x) for ETS2 Scania Next Gen ReMoled v2.0.1 (1.49.x) for ETS2 Scania Next Gen ReMoled v2.0.1 (1.49.x) for ETS2 Scania Next Gen ReMoled v2.0.1 (1.49.x) for ETS2 Scania Next Gen ReMoled v2.0.1 (1.49.x) for ETS2 Scania Next Gen ReMoled v2.0.1 (1.49.x) for ETS2

Changes in v2.0 (1.48.x):
- Adapted to the latest game patch 1.48 (Unofficial update)
Download Link 1 | Download Link 2

Changes in v2.0 (1.41.x):
- Update for the latest game patch 1.41 Open Beta;
- Signature front bumper is now included. This is a low bumper, and so far it is only available with blue foglights;
- Also included is a small experiment ReMoled 770 V8 Engine. It is tuned to 3750Nm torque and is more fuel efficient. Paired with the ReMoled Speedshift 12 + 2 gearbox. In automatic mode, you should notice that the gear changes very quickly, without power delay. Engine braking activates downshifting and retarder depending on how hard you brake it. They are still being finalized as the downgrades require some adjustments.
Download Link 1 | Download Link 2 | Download Link 3

Changes in v2.0 (1.40.x):
- Added MirrorCams in LHD and RHD in Chrome, Paint with and without indicators;
- Added Support for Azorax's SCS NG Tcab (Full part support to come).
Download Link 1 | Download Link 2 | Download Link 3

Changes in v1.9.1:
- Fixed red textures;
- Fixed issues with dark mirrors.
Download Link 1

New Version 1.8.4:
- Fixed lampmask on kelsa chassisbar bumpers

Version 1.8.3
- 1.37 fixes including FMOD
- Added Low Fenders
- Fixed a few things

Version 1.8.2
- Fixed mirrors error
- Sort of fixed eyebrows (it works lol) - Gives incorrect pmd version (yellow error in log)

Version 1.8
- Added 1.35 compatibility.

Version 1.7:
- working fogs to all yellow and blue bumpers
- Headlight eyebrow spoilers for all stock and coloured headlights in black,chrome and paint
- Added more doorhandles and tidied the mirrors up
- Added a blinkers variant for 50k lollipops

Version 1.6:
- Yellow flares to yellow lights
- Blue lens to all lights plus output & flares
- Lazer Yellow options
- Lazer Blue options
- Tweaked Bakbar HM position
- Tweaked Bakbar HM slots for worklamps
- Chrome & Paint - new mirror variant
- Chrome & Paint - New Doorhandle variant
- 4 Aircon units
- Kelsa ChassisBar
- Kelsa BeaconBar

Update 1.5:
- Added 8x4 Painted Tower Step
- Added Yellow lens option to High,Mid,Head and Fog lights with yellow output - Painted Variants .
- Added Lobar SL9 & 12 - Chrome variants
- Added slots to Plastic,Chrome Mirrors EU/UK (NOT MG Luxury as it's paid DLC)

Simple steps to install ETS2 Mods:

- Download the mod «Scania Next Gen ReMoled v2.0.1 (1.49.x) for ETS2»
- Use WinRAR or 7-zip and unzip the archive;
- Copy the file with the extension .scs in My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator/mod folder
- Start the game, go to your profile, see the Mod manager and activate the mod.

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  1. ArthurMorgan
    • +1

    Crashed my game when trying to change headlights on NG Scania.

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