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Mercedes Actros MP4 Rigid Chassis Mod v1.2 (1.34.x)

Author: tacsi68 | 10-03-2019, 22:44 | Views: 1 998 | Comments: 0
Mercedes Actros MP4 Rigid Chassis Mod v1.2 (1.34.x) Version game: 1.34.x Total views: 1 998
Category: Mercedes Trucks
Version Game: 1.34.x
Credits: KiLLeR, SCS Software, WIppy, ValheinXL, Sogard3

Description about « Mercedes Actros MP4 Rigid Chassis Mod v1.2 (1.34.x) »

Download mod Mercedes Actros MP4 Rigid Chassis Mod v1.2 (1.34.x) for ETS2 | Euro Truck Simulator 2 game.

This mod adds a 6×4 rigid chassis (for now) to the Actros MP4 by SCS;

Changes in v1.2 (1.34.x):
This update is focused on reworking the entire truck model.
Other reworks/options will be added too in the following updates.


-Added real Mercedes Trucks cab and chassis info and description including images;
-Simplified image of the mod in mod manager for easy recognize;
-Added UI icons for almost all accessories;
-Added missing painted sideskirts for 4x2 chassis;
-Added the LSnRL/18 4x2 (lowdeck 4x2 chassis);
-Reworked the LS/18 4x2 (standard chassis);
-Added LS/25 6X2 (short steer taglift chassis);
-Added rear bumper for 4x2,6x2 chassis;
-Added compatibility with Kelsa bars mod by Obelihnio;
-Added several types of fueltanks for 4x2 chassis (stock, steel, paint, red);
-Added different types of cab frame (paint, plastic);
-Added spare wheel as an accessory for different chassis;
-Added more types of fuel tanks (big, small, normal, paint, red) for different chassis;
-Added BigSpace cabin for all chassis;
-Added stock rear chassis cover;
-Changed cables color to black;
-Added rear mudflaps as an accessory;
-Added right chassis accessories to 4x2 chassis (fueltanks, boxes);
-Added plastic box for different chassis;
-Added compatibility file (included in archive) for Kelsa bars by Obelihnio;
-Added raised roof spoiler for GigaSpace cab;
-Added SCS custom paintjob for krone rigid chassis;
-Added more types of paintjobs;
-Fixed rigid chassis shadow; (will be reworked with every version until the best result);
-Added trailer hook as an accessory (stock and red) for krone rigid chassis;
-Reworked fenders for krone rigid chassis;
-Moved the trailer hook slightly to the truck chassis;
-Discarded rear left and right chassis accessories for krone rigid chassis (as in real life);
-And other things that I can't remember. (too many)

Changes in v1.1:
-Integrated Mercedes MP4 edit by ValheinXL;
-Added different plastic and painted parts;
-Added front truck shields (L, G, TIR, etc);
-Added side markers (krone style);
-Added roof slots (both GigaSpace and StreamSpace);
-Added Halogen and Xenon type of headlights;
-Added front mudflaps;
-Added MP4 style bumper (rigid 6×4);
-Added DRL slot-option;
-Added 2 rear fenders variants;
-Added container carrier (Krone BoxLiner type);
-(template for the boxliner in: and replace and save it as DDS DXT1(No Alpha).
-Added cab spoilers;
-Added interior slots for board computer and gps;
-Added several types of paintjobs (krone and others);
-Added 6×2 Low Deck Chassis configuration;
-Added Krone rear bumper style;
-Added Krone Curtain transporter for 6×2 Low Deck;
-Added 3 types of fuel tanks (small, normal, big);
-Added Fire Extinguisher and water tank (both sides);
-Added 4 types of sideskirts (simple, double, reflective stripes);
-And other things that I can’t remember. (too many )

Version 1.0:
-Initial release;
-1 chassis with 6×4 configuration;
-2 cabins (GigaSpace and StreamSpace);
-(BigSpace had some problems during testing – will be added in the future);
-Trailer Cables working;
-12 “cargoes” for the truck’s chassis in the following shapes:
-8 boxes (curtainsider, refrigerated etc.) 3 flatbeds and 1 flatbed with dropsides;
-32 cargoes for the flatbed variants;
-6 cargoes for the dropside variant;
-1 chromed box (rear left chassis);
-1 plastic box (rear right chassis);

You can share on other sites but please keep original download link.

Tested on game version 1.34.x
Screenshots Mod
Mercedes Actros MP4 Rigid Chassis Mod v1.2 (1.34.x) Mercedes Actros MP4 Rigid Chassis Mod v1.2 (1.34.x) Mercedes Actros MP4 Rigid Chassis Mod v1.2 (1.34.x) Mercedes Actros MP4 Rigid Chassis Mod v1.2 (1.34.x) Mercedes Actros MP4 Rigid Chassis Mod v1.2 (1.34.x)

Simple steps to install ETS2 Mods:

- download the mod «Mercedes Actros MP4 Rigid Chassis Mod v1.2 (1.34.x)»
- use WinRAR or 7-zip and unzip the archive;
- copy the file with the extension .scs in My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator/mod folder
- start the game, go to your profile, see the Mod manager and activate the mod.

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