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Brazilian Skinpack v5 by Maryva

Author: tacsi68 | 5-01-2019, 12:02 | Views: 1 208 | Comments: 0
Brazilian Skinpack v5 by Maryva Version game: 1.33.x Total views: 1 208
Category: Pack Skins Trailers
Version Game: 1.33.x
Credits: Maryva

Description about « Brazilian Skinpack v5 by Maryva »

Brazilian Trailer Skinpack v5 by Maryva for Euro Truck Simulator 2 game 

This mod changes the game for companies in the Brazilian and multinational companies in Brazil.

Tested on 1.33.x. game version

Classic Company:

BCP - Transporte Bendini
EuroAcres - JSL
EuroGoodies - Sedex
FCP - Petrobras
ITCC - Aqces Transportes
KAAFOR - Negrelli Transportes
LkwLog - SADA
NBFC - Ipiranga               
Posped - Ritmo Logistica
Sanbuilders - Axon Transportes
Sellplan - Reiter Log Transportes
Scout Cars - Horizonte Logística e Transportes
Stokes - Coopercarga
Tradeux - Itapemirim Cargas
Trameri - TNT Mercurio
Transinet - Braspress
Treeet - Tora Transportes Industriais Ltda.
WGCC - Shell

DLC Scandinavia:

Company North:     
Agronord - Terra Nova Transportes       
Aria - Treméa Transportes   
BHV - Tegma Logística 
Bjork - Painel Transporte
Container Port - Santos Brasil Logística
DrekkarTrans - ID Logístic
GNT - Expresso Mirassol   
IKA Bohag - Godoy & Batistella Operador Logístico  
Konstnorr - Multipla Logistica e Transportes
Ms Stein 
Nordic Crown - Tazlu Transportes
Nordic Stenbrott    
Norrfood - TRD Transportes 
Norrsken - Salvador Operador Logístico
Ns Chemicals - Transportes Transdupla 
Ns Oil - Niquini Transportes
Polar Fish - Maynard Transportes
Polaris Lines - Maroni Transportes
Renar Logistik - SAT LOG Transportes
SAG & TRE Sawmill - Belmok Transportes
Scania - Scania
Vitas Power - Transnovag Transportes
Volvo - Veneto Transportes
VPC - Quick Logística

DLC France:

Company France:     
Batisse - Ouro Verde Transportes
BHB Raffinerie - RG Log Transportes
Boisserie - Eldorado Brasil   
Chimi - Time Express Logística e Transportes
Dans Le Jardin - Marvel Transportes                        
FLE - Grupo Ambipar 
Gallia Ferries - Marimex Inteligencia Portuária
Globeur - Eureka Transportes Urgentes
Gomme Du Monde - CargoLift Transportes
Huilant - Gafor Logística
Lisette Logistic - Luft Logística
MVM Carrière - Transporte Excelsior     
Nos Páturages - Rio Lopes Transportes
Nucleon - Transporte Excelsior
Renault - Renault
Port De Conteneur - Login Logística Intermodal
Subse - Cootravale Transportes   
Voitureux - TSV Transportes Rápidos
Wilnet Transport - Jamef Transportes

DLC Italia:

AAA - Kobrasol Transportes e Logística
AAC - Usifast Logística
ACI - Transduarte Transportes
Cantiere Navale - Tempus Cargas
CargoTras - ALL América Latina Logística
CDE SRL - Expresso Nepomuceno
Cesare Smar-VVLog - Via Varejo Logística
CMT - Graneleiro Transportes Rodoviários
CNP - Cesari Transportes
Costruzi Hal - TransPrimo Transportes
Eolo Lines - Santos Brasil Logística
Exomar - Fontanella Transportes
Fattoria Food - Bellaver Transportes
Fui Spa - Binotto Transportes
Libellula - Embrisa Transportes
Plac - OTD Brasil
PP Chimica - TPN-Transportadora Primeira do Nordeste
SAL - Dachery Transportes
Spinelli - Jadimo Transportes
TE Logística - Golden Cargo Transportes
Tesore Gust - Martin Brower Transportes
Trans Mediterraneo - ER-Expresso Rodominas

DLC Baltic:

Baltic Companys:

Aerobalt - Rápidão Cometa
Agrominta - TGA Logística
Ateria - Transportes Prata
Baltomorsk - Tesba Transportes
BLT - Pacifico Log
BLT Yacht - GT Express
BLT Metal - Transpanorama
Cemeltex - Happening Logística
Domdepo - Ramos Transportes
EE Paper - Itaobi Transportes
Egres - Lunardi Transportes
Eviksi - WH Log
Fintyre - Lagoinha Express
IBP - Metatron Express
Kivi - Destak Transportes
Ladoga - Transportadora Zimmer
Lateds - Pozzer Transportes
Lintukainen - Tomazi Logística
LVR - Transportadora Rocha
NCH - Potencial Express
Nosko - Rota Sul Transporte de Cargas
Onnelik - Arlemar Transportes
Radus - Circulo Transportes e Logística
Renat - Coiote Brasil
Rosmark - Catto Transportes
Sal Fi - Rápido 900
Suprema - Expresso Petrolina
Ukko - Comando Diesel
Viljo Paper - Ferpol Transportes
Viln Paper - Translecchi Transportes
Zelenye - JadLog Transportes

Russian Companys:

Aerobalt - Transportadora Jolivan
Baltomorsk - Minuano Transportes
BLT - Della Volpe Transportes
BLT Yacht - Transportadora Veiga
BLT Metal - Unidão Transportes
Domdepo - Cruzado Transportes
Fintyre -  Transeleri Transportes
IKA Bohag - Godoy & Batistella Operador Logístico 
Kamen - Rápido Transpaulo
Ladoga - Amazon Fort Transportes Especiais
NCH - Brascargo Transportes
Ns Chemicals - TPF-Transportadora Porto Ferreira
Ns Oil - Dellmar Transportes
PK Medved - Transrodace Transportes
Radus - West Cargo Transportes
Rosmark - Transportes Silvio
Severoatm - Tquim Transportes
Suprema - Favorita Transportes

Other Companys (TANKS):

ACC - Almix Concreto
BCP - Cotrag Transportes
BHB Raffinerie - ALP Transportes
CargoTras - União Transportes e Logística
CNP - Cesari Transportes
Exomar - Atrevida Transportes
Fattoria - TransKompa Transportes
ITCC - Aqces Transportes
LkwLog - Trelsa Transportes
Posped - Contatto Transportes
PP Chimica - Ultracargo Transportes
SNP - TQuim Transportes
Stokes - Coopercarga Logística
TE Logística - Anamar Transportes
Tradeux - ALE Combustíveis
Transinet - Transal-Transportadora Salvan
Trans Mediterraneo - Raízen Transportes
Wilnet Transport - Salvador Operador Logístico

Skins: Maryva
Trailers: SCS Software

Link Steam:
Screenshots Mod
Brazilian Skinpack v5 by Maryva Brazilian Skinpack v5 by Maryva Brazilian Skinpack v5 by Maryva Brazilian Skinpack v5 by Maryva

Simple steps to install ETS2 Mods:

- download the mod «Brazilian Skinpack v5 by Maryva»
- use WinRAR or 7-zip and unzip the archive;
- copy the file with the extension .scs in My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator/mod folder
- start the game, go to your profile, see the Mod manager and activate the mod.

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