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Project Next-Gen Graphic Mod v1.11 by DamianSVW (1.50.x)

Author: | | Views: 103 096 | Comments: 20
Project Next-Gen Graphic Mod v1.11 by DamianSVW (1.50.x) Version game: v1.49.x Mod Updated to v1.11 Total views: 103 096
Category: Graphics - Environments
Version Game: v1.49.x
Credits: DamianSVW

Description about « Project Next-Gen Graphic Mod v1.11 by DamianSVW (1.50.x) »

Mod Project Next-Gen Graphic Mod v1.11 by DamianSVW (1.50.x) for ETS2 | Euro Truck Simulator 2 game.

Project Nex-Gen - is a cool modification that improves the graphics to a photorealistic one in the game world of ETS2. This makes the game look fresher and more interesting than before. The mod contains new settings for visual effects, new weather, as well as alternative better textures of the sky, grass, trees, water, soil, asphalt, markings, road signs, wells, paving slabs, curbs, bumpers and other objects.

Features Project Next-Gen Graphic Mod:
- The mod contains high resolution 4K textures;
- Mod changes the weather and graphics in the game to a more realistic one;
- Modifies vegetation;
- Changes most of the textures, signs, buildings, various coatings, bumpers, etc. (4K quality);
- Modifies roads;
- Can be used with any weather mod;
- Weakly affects performance;
- Various other changes and improvements;
- Attention!This is a Paid Mod!

Changes in v1.11:
- Dynamic restorationLighting
- Water improvements
- Added/remade road textures
- Added/remade train textures
- Navigation sign textures

Tested on game version 1.50.x

Project Next-Gen Graphic Mod v1.11 by DamianSVW (1.50.x) Project Next-Gen Graphic Mod v1.11 by DamianSVW (1.50.x) Project Next-Gen Graphic Mod v1.11 by DamianSVW (1.50.x) Project Next-Gen Graphic Mod v1.11 by DamianSVW (1.50.x) Project Next-Gen Graphic Mod v1.11 by DamianSVW (1.50.x) Project Next-Gen Graphic Mod v1.11 by DamianSVW (1.50.x) Project Next-Gen Graphic Mod v1.11 by DamianSVW (1.50.x) Project Next-Gen Graphic Mod v1.11 by DamianSVW (1.50.x) Project Next-Gen Graphic Mod v1.11 by DamianSVW (1.50.x)

Changes in v1.09.1 (1.49.x):
- Weather/Lighting Adapted to 1.49 (HDR, moon etc.)
- Weather/Lighting and skybox improvements
- Added new skyboxes
- Improved rain drops on windshield
- Fixed some textures
- Fixed Vegetation draw distance
- New Wet effect on textures
- Solved PBR road textures problem (most visible at night, Reworked over 200 prefab models)

Changes in v1.08.3 (1.47.x):
- New Textures Addon for Fikcyjna Polska Map (ETS)
- Updated road textures (ATS and ETS)
- Updated Vegetation (ETS)
- Improved Weather/Lighting (ATS and ETS)
- Added new skyboxes (ATS and ETS)
- And much more.

Changes in v1.08.1 (1.47.x):
➡️ Weather/Lighting improvements:
- it's a little brighter now
- other small fixes
➡️ Textures improvements:
- added more sharpens for some road textures
- added new terrain texture
➡️ Other
- fixed rain problem
- fixed texture bugs

Changes in v1.07 (1.46.x):
- Adapted to the latest game patch 1.46;
- Added new Skybox textures [ETS2 and ATS]
- Improve old Skybox textures (quality) [ETS2 and ATS]
- Reworked weather [ETS2 and ATS]
- Redid some old textures [ETS2 and ATS]
- Remade vegetation [ETS2 only]
- Added reflective post model (Germany and Poland) [ETS2 only]
- Added new AUTUMN option (Vegetation and Weather) [ETS2 only]

Changes in v1.05.5 (1.45.x):
- Adapted to the latest game patch 1.45;
- Retextured base game;
- New weather, lighting and skybox;
- New vegetation summer.

Changes in v1.02 (1.43.x):
- Improvement Autumn (Textures and Weather/Lighting)
- Added and improvement some sky Textures.
- Improvement Road Textures for all Content. (Main mod and DLC packs like Iberia, France etc.) Added new and some old repleaced.
- Added New Higher resolution Asphalt and Concrete Textures for Prefabs arround the map.

Changes in v1.02 (1.41.x):
- Retextured ETS2 + Going East + Scandinavia (Road, terrain, building etc.);
- New weather and lighting (only daytime);
- New sky textures added;
- Adapted to the latest game patch 1.41

Changes in v0.9:
- New Textures for all DLC's
- New Textures for Fikcyjna Polska & SzlakB)
- New Road Textures (sidewalks, lines etc.)
- New Terrain Textures
- New Sign Textures (Poland & Germany)
- New Buildings Textures (Village, wall, fence etc)
- New Water
- Reworked Vegetation (grass, plants & trees)
- New Weather & Lighting
- New Sky Textures
- New better Lighting
- New Road Textures (Germany & Baltic)

Simple steps to install ETS2 Mods:

- Download the mod «Project Next-Gen Graphic Mod v1.11 by DamianSVW (1.50.x)»
- Use WinRAR or 7-zip and unzip the archive;
- Copy the file with the extension .scs in My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator/mod folder
- Start the game, go to your profile, see the Mod manager and activate the mod.

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  1. Wojciech Szymczak
    • 0

    can you add addon for fikcyjna polska to this

  2. Touijer
    • +7

    30€ for a graphics mod is just absurd, and you need to pay 3€ twice each time every year for updates. If just a graphics mod is 36€, pro mods should cost 400€ then but they made it free. You can buy ETS2 with every dlc and it will be at the same cost of this

  3. EvilEyes
    • +11

     Next-Gen store page is via his facebook page, the link says 3 Euro, however once you click on the link and pay, then follow the insructions to PM him with your name, email and a screeshot he will reply and treat you a bit like an idion because the real price is 30 Euro plus 3 Euro for updates thereafter, yet nowhere is this listed in his facebooks store page for sometime, Infact I gave up scolling through trying to find the full price advert, only update adverts, each around 3 Euro and only approx imately 2 updates a year.

    When I declined to pay more and informed him I would never pay that much for a mod, (which is more than the game) he seemed to get very frustrated, he did offer a refund, but said it would be 24hours before he did it, not sure why but anyway, then proceeded to getvery rude, defensive and nasty as to the reasons to try and justify his pricings, when all I asked was if every update was also at a cost. I a little while later I coped more of this behaviour from him via messanger. to me this is not a good way to behave if you are looking for customers at such a high price for your mod, well lets be real, any price.

    based on this experience, I would not recommend this purchase.

    p.s. also found that his original Next Gen mod requires another modders Graphics mod to work.

  4. br
    • +1

    cade o link?

  5. filipe
    • -6

    muito bom o mod ajudou dms

  6. thimic51
    • -6

    Excellent Mod !


  7. mdrakib
    • -3

    very cool mod

  8. Du Geldgeiler Hurensohn
    • +2

    Du Hurensohn!!!

  9. Conny
    • +9

    He, du bist wohl nicht ganz frisch. Ich achte schon die Mühe, die sich Modder geben, 20 Euro ist zu fett. überdenke dein Geschäftsgebaren oder ersticke an deiner Geldgier!!!

  10. T
    • +9

    36 bucks and every update 5........ wtf........

  11. T
    • +10

    there is no download......

  12. CMD
    • +15

    36€ für einen Grafik Mod 😡 

    das ist teurer als das Hauptspiel 😠 

  13. steffen
    • +4

    Bezahlen? Behalt dein Mist.

  14. harsha
    • +8

    please pasword ?

  15. Betty
    • +4

    warum braucht man ein Passwort? ah, wegen bezahlen, ersticke an deinem Mod du geldgieriges Andere.

  16. Anton Johansson
    • +2

    Please update the download link it says file not found


  17. Andrius Narkevičius
    • 0

    pAVLO send for my orginal okey for my gmail

  18. Andrius Narkevičius
    • +2

    pAVLO you have this mod send for my in gmail link pleas


  19. pAVLO
    • +7

    FAKE MOD...  Changes nothing in the game

  20. Andrius Narkevičius
    • +2

    whats in password


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