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Improved DAF XF 105 v1.6 by AlexeyP

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Improved DAF XF 105 v1.6 by AlexeyP Version game: 1.31.x Total views: 2 623
Category: DAF Trucks
Version Game: 1.31.x
Credits: AlexeyP, Kriechbaum, 50Keda, MrCapital, Snoman, SCS Software

Description about « Improved DAF XF 105 v1.6 by AlexeyP »

Improved DAF XF 105 v1.6 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 

This mod replaces SCS DAF XF 105 

-Significantly improved interiors and truck models;
-External interior model is the same as internal one;
-Added two new interiors types to the two already existing;
-Many new cabin variants and four base types (comfort, space, superspace, longline);
-More than 100 chassis variants to choose from, also added custom chassis;
-Tons of realistic transmissions by Snoman and 10 engines models (normal+chip tuned);
-Lots of external and internal tuning parts (90 parts types overall);
-High quality engines sounds by Kriechbaum, varied by installed engine;
-New driver male/female models;
-Walking camera inside interior;
-Skin templates included;
-And many other small things...

Changelog for v.1.6:
-Many improvements over truck, interior and tuning parts models - fixed geometry,
 rebaked textures and shadows, improved textures and lightmasks;
-Added new tuning parts and new options for existing tuning parts:
-Fixed errors in definition files;
-Fixed uv-maps for custom chassis templates;
-added ability to install factory or aftermarket DRL lamps;
-added ability to install different (round/square/round universal/square universal)
 tail lamps on the custom chassis back bumper;
-added ability to place antennae on the mirrors;
-added ability to place leds on the cab roof spoiler holder and cab spoilers;
-added ability to place lightboxes on the comfort cab;
-added adjustable rolling sun protection screen;
-added custom roof slots for all cabins;
-added different electronic components to install: different car audios, gps,
 daf telematics device, external camera device, cb-radio, bluetooth devices;
-added different interior tuning parts: bed/engine/dashboard/steering wheel/doors/seats
 covers; cushions with blankets on the sleepers, different side and bed curtains;
-added external extinguisher to install on the cab back;
-added led mirror part to be installed on the interior back wall;
-added mirrors protection tuning part;
-added new tuning options for windows deflectors (rain guards);
-added stoneguards;
-added two roofracks to be placed on the comfort cab;
-added various internal lightsigns;
-added walking camera for the interior movement;
-changed geometry of front bumper spoiler;
-changed visuals of exclusive plus interiors;
-fifth wheel model and collisions boxes were moved a bit backward;
-improved sun protective filters textures;
-imroved front headlights, fog lights, taillights;
-increased the size of air cond top part;
-interior lamps will lit after pressing the L key;
-rebaked chassis, chassis parts and fuel tanks textures;
-rebaked custom chassis shadows;
-rebaked shadows for cab back air intakes, spoiler holders, roof horns and roof hatchs;
-new catwalks models;
-improved front radiator grill;
-reworked side and bed curtains models;
-reworked some front/side/main mirrors materials;
-some other changes, which i forgot about...  

Mod was tested on 1.31.x game version.
Not compatible with OpenGL and with game versions prior to 1.27-1.28!!! 

Fix to use mod with ETS2 v.1.31.x.x
To use mod with ETS2 v.1.31 it is absolutely necessary to download this fix,
 then open it with any archiver tool and copy/add 'def' folder from it to Improved DAF XF mod archive.
 Confirm file replacement when you will be prompted by archiver too. 
Fix doesn`t add cable physics, it only allows to launch mod on ETS2 v.1.31!!!

To use this mod on Ets2 1.31(otherwise you will have crash to desktop)
 it is required to download my updated 50k addons mod HERE

This updated 50k addons mod has some improvements in tuning parts models
 and necessary changes to be compatible with ETS2 v.1.31 
This 50k addons mod is only compatible with Improved DAF XF mod!!! 

Install help:
Extract scs files from downloaded archive to mod folder of ETS2. 
Enable them both in mod manager. Enjoy. 
It is recommended to sell your old truck before buying new one!

-in mod version 1.6 uv-maps for both custom chassis used for
 skinning still overlap with uv-maps of another truck parts:
Solution: download this fix and then follow the instructions provided inside archive..

Not a bugs:
-Steering wheel from the outside view will not move
-Lack of diff lock symbol on dashboard

AlexeyP, Kriechbaum, 50Keda, MrCapital, Snoman, SCS Software
Drivers models represented in this mod are based on original models by Kojima Productions
 and Quantic Dream respectively, with my adaptation to the ETS2

Please do not reupload this mod to other filehostings and keep original link! 
Improved DAF XF 105 v1.6 by AlexeyP Improved DAF XF 105 v1.6 by AlexeyP Improved DAF XF 105 v1.6 by AlexeyP

Simple steps to install ETS2 Mods:

- Download the mod «Improved DAF XF 105 v1.6 by AlexeyP»
- Use WinRAR or 7-zip and unzip the archive;
- Copy the file with the extension .scs in My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator/mod folder
- Start the game, go to your profile, see the Mod manager and activate the mod.
Tags:Improved, DAF, XF, 105, v1, by, AlexeyP

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