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News - A visit from Krone

Author: tacsi68 | 31-05-2018, 09:40 | Views: 2 843 | Comments: 0
News - A visit from Krone News ETS2 Total views: 2 843

News - A visit from Krone

A small team from Krone Trailers visited SCS Software's office to check on the progress of

our work on implementing their trailers into Euro Truck Simulator 2. We have spent two days with

our guests to explain and demonstrate the process of vehicle creation and discuss the challenges

ahead of us when building the new DLC while aiming to push the quality bar up again.

Their camera guy took the trip rather seriously and recorded a lot of footage.

During our visit to Krone manufacturing plant a couple of months ago, we have been provided

with tons of high-quality reference material and access to the actual trailers in the manufacturing plant.

It gives us a chance to portray them at an unprecedented level of detail. On top of it, this is going to be our

pilot project into implementing new cool trailer-related features into our games! ;)

As a result, we have a massive amount of work to do to make sure all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

We really hope that you will appreciate our effort eventually, even if it's a test of patience as it

 takes a lot of time for the team to pull this all off.

The team from Krone has created really nice video reports from the visit, and we think they may

also be very interesting for our fans. There are two different versions of the videos, one in English,

the other in German, but they are definitely not identical. The commentary, as well as some of the things shown, are different.

Our work on Krone Trailers DLC continues at full pace. We are not yet ready to announce a specific release

date other than "later this year," but we hope that these videos will serve as a nice teaser for the project.

It is really exciting when major manufacturers from transportation industry pay closer attention to our games,

and we certainly hope that our ties and involvement with the industry are going to further improve.

Our SCS On the Road team (see their calendar) working "in the field" is helping us attract attention,

not just from the numerous visitors of various events, but also from industry decision-makers in attendance.

Our currently ongoing World of Trucks special event (have you given it a try yet?) is a clear indication

that our games can connect the world of simulation games and truck industry really well.

Shameless plug at the end to promote the work of our friends at Krone Trailers media team:

Fans of their production should consider checking out their social media channels

including YouTubeFacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

They are definitely very professionally managed and full of interesting content.

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