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IVECO 190 38 Turbo Special (1.28.x) - Euro Truck Simulator 2

Author: admin | 5-11-2017, 13:08 | Views: 2 817 | Comments: 0
IVECO 190 38 Turbo Special (1.28.x) - Euro Truck Simulator 2 Gameplay Videos Total views: 2 817

Gameplay video with IVECO 190 38 Turbo Special (1.28.x) for Euro Truck Simulator 2 game.

What's New?

- Added driver and replacement plates

- Added a backlight to the driver and replacement plates

- New gearboxes have been updated

- New factory engines have been updated

- Engine and chassis parameters were corrected to factory defaults

- Updated files for ETS2 v1.28

- Fixed painted to any color

- Fixed metalic painting

- 3 colors

- other minor visual fixes

- Added missing pieces of equipment

- Fuel tank was enlarged to 700 l

- Fixed the shadow on the truck

- Fixed the air and oil indicator.

- Fixed engine sounds

- Added a new sound to the factory V8 engine only

- Added optional Volvo engine and gearbox

- Added new sound only to the optional Volvo engine

- Added a realistic backlight for the driver and changer

- Added a WOT license plate

- The current license plate has been added as "RETRO"

- Added realistic backlighting to the driver and replacement plates

- Windshields were fitted

- Optimized mod files (removed a lot of unnecessary)

- Fix all bugs! Clean Game Log!

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