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Ural 6464 + Interior v1.6 (1.48.x) for ETS2

Author: admin | 8-08-2023, 15:24 | Views: 6 497 | Comments: 1
Ural 6464 + Interior v1.6 (1.48.x) for ETS2 Version game: v1.48.x Mod Updated to v1.6 Total views: 6 497
Category: Russian Trucks
Version Game: v1.48.x
Credits: JAWA, Stas556, Mishanka, Artem Abbasov, A.M.Tomas, YuriI, MaxX_Agent

Description about « Ural 6464 + Interior v1.6 (1.48.x) for ETS2 »

Download mod Ural 6464 + Interior v1.6 (1.48.x) for ETS2 | Euro Truck Simulator 2 game.

Ural 6464 - One of the most famous Russian producers. It's quite a modern conventional truck, able to compete with the best representatives of the automotive industry in other countries. This mod has a high quality model and the possibility of tuning. The URAL 6464 truck tractor boasts not only good driving characteristics, but also increased comfort. Ural 6464 is the latest solution of the family of road tractors produced at the Ural Automobile Plant named after Stalin. When designing the new Ural, the engineers followed the American hood concept, as a result, a mainline tractor with a wheel formula of 6×4 was designed, capable of transporting semi-trailers weighing up to 62 tons

Features Ural 6464:

- independent truck model
- High quality 3D model
- High quality detailed exterior
- High quality detailed interior
- the model has own interior
- the model has own sound
- the model has own wheels
- the choice of engine power (5 Engines: YaMZ and Pakkar )
- the choice of transmission and gearbox (3 gear boxes
- choice of color body / metallic paint
- the choice of wheels configuration
- the choice of chassis (3 types)
- the model has a passanger seat
- the character is correctly sitting in the driver's seat
- correct position of the Ural logo
- present the illumination of arrow speedometer and tachometer
- Working headlights, brake lights, tail lights, front and rear turn signals, steering wheel and reverse signals
- working lights
- working mirrors
- The correct position of the player
- There are external tuning
- Cables trailer support
- Supports all major functions of the game
- buy in Acces Mod dealer

Changes in v1.6 By MaxX_Agent:
– Added multiplayer support.
– Completely redone 3D model for new versions.
– The steering wheel is now an accessory.
– New cockpit lighting has been worked out and added.
– Now all the lights in the cockpit are working.
– Lighting has also been added to the skirt.
- Improved high and low beam headlights.
– Fixed work of the on-board computer and navigator.
– Improved interior textures. (plastic interior).
– Improved textures and hull details. (metal + chrome).
– Added paint option for all wings.
– Updated collision of the entire truck.
– Fixed the position of the front and rear wheels.
– Added new chassis physics.
– Added smoke to muffler (ON-OFF Right)
– Updated all truck sounds.
– Added new engines and new sounds.
– Added new gear.
– Added sounds for gears and brakes.
– Updated in Company, Dealer and Truck Gallery.
– Updated the Ural-6464 icon in the truck gallery.
– Log in the game is cleared to 100% (percent)

Tested on game version 1.48.x

Ural 6464 + Interior v1.6 (1.48.x) for ETS2 Ural 6464 + Interior v1.6 (1.48.x) for ETS2 Ural 6464 + Interior v1.6 (1.48.x) for ETS2 Ural 6464 + Interior v1.6 (1.48.x) for ETS2 Ural 6464 + Interior v1.6 (1.48.x) for ETS2 Ural 6464 + Interior v1.6 (1.48.x) for ETS2 Ural 6464 + Interior v1.6 (1.48.x) for ETS2 Ural 6464 + Interior v1.6 (1.48.x) for ETS2

Changes in v1.5 (1.46.x):
– Adapted to the latest game patch 1.46;
– Fixed gamelog;
– Changed mat for dashboard;
– Fixed animation on speedometer;
– Fixed rain effect on glass.

Download Link 1 | Download Link 2

Changes in v1.4 (1.40.x):

- adapted to the latest game patch 1.40;

- 3 types of sounds added - YaMZ, Cummins, Pakkar.

Download Link 1 | Download Link 2

Changes in v1.3 (1.40.x):

- adapted to the latest game patch 1.40 Open Beta;

- sound mod updated.

Download Link 1 | Download Link 2

Changes in v1.2 by YuriI:

- Added openable windows (outside / inside)

- Added more correct sound for engines (no longer default for SCS).

Download Link 1 | Download Link 2

Changes in v1.1:

- Updated for 1.38 (no window animation);
- Registered in orders;
- The interior is made a little darker;
- Reconfigured the camera in the cabin;
- Fixed sounds.

Simple steps to install ETS2 Mods:

- download the mod «Ural 6464 + Interior v1.6 (1.48.x) for ETS2»
- use WinRAR or 7-zip and unzip the archive;
- copy the file with the extension .scs in My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator/mod folder
- start the game, go to your profile, see the Mod manager and activate the mod.

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