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Volvo FMX Megamod v1.9.2 (1.48.x) for ETS2

Author: admin | 25-11-2023, 23:07 | Views: 12 488 | Comments: 0
Volvo FMX Megamod v1.9.2 (1.48.x) for ETS2 Version game: v1.48.5.x Mod Updated to v1.9.2 Total views: 12 488
Category: Volvo Trucks
Version Game: v1.48.5.x
Credits: Mistersix, Jon Ruda, Wendigo, Abasstreppas, Ohaha, Eugene, Sisq, kyto, mtp, afrosmiu, galimim, roadhunter, bigT, Etophia

Description about « Volvo FMX Megamod v1.9.2 (1.48.x) for ETS2 »

Download mod Volvo FMX Megamod v1.9.2 (1.48.x) for ETS2 | Euro Truck Simulator 2 game.

Volvo FMX - this is a rework of Volvo FMX 2013 Facelift with Kipper by Mistersix authors for ETS2 fans players. The original FMX was introduced in 2010 and shared its platform and components with the FM. All FMX have been available with the choice of 11-litre and 13-litre Euro-5 engines,  The D11 and D13 models. The Volvo FMX (FMX meaning "Forward control Medium Xtreme" is a heavy duty truck produced by Volvo Truck Corporation.Launched in 2010 and its related to the Volvo FM. The FMX range is a multipurpose truck range for distribution, construction and on highway/off highway transport duties. As of 2011 the engine size is no longer added to the model denomination.

Features Volvo FMX Megamod:
- 2 own trailers with own cargo[ore, sand, gravel, coal and rubble]
- trailers are ownable in dealer
- cable support
- flag and cabin dlc support
- complex tuning
- new accesories
- many slots
- cargo ready to equip for truck's kipper
- snow addon
- 2 chasiss
- smoke ready to equip
- custom licence plate ready
- own wheels
- interior lights and truck info system ready
- metallic skin support
- 2 versions of kipper
- cement mixer applicable
- 2 own beacons
- additional slot for accessories in cabin
- fully compatible with jeyjey and sisl cabin addons (require these mods to make it work)
- animated rear mudflap
- additional accesories made for screen purposes
- kipper can be opened when selected in service configuration
- own headlamp
- own interior accesories
- working engine badges

Changes in v1.9.2:
- Adapted for the latest game patch 1.48 (Unofficial Update);
- Improved interior reflections;
- Fixed pink textures for some chassis.

Tested on game version 1.48.x

Volvo FMX Megamod v1.9.2 (1.48.x) for ETS2 Volvo FMX Megamod v1.9.2 (1.48.x) for ETS2 Volvo FMX Megamod v1.9.2 (1.48.x) for ETS2 Volvo FMX Megamod v1.9.2 (1.48.x) for ETS2 Volvo FMX Megamod v1.9.2 (1.48.x) for ETS2 Volvo FMX Megamod v1.9.2 (1.48.x) for ETS2 Volvo FMX Megamod v1.9.2 (1.48.x) for ETS2 Volvo FMX Megamod v1.9.2 (1.48.x) for ETS2

Changes in v1.9.1 (1.47.x):
- Adapted for the latest game patch 1.47 (Unofficial Update);
- Fixed pink textures on exterior and interior of the cabin;
- Fixed obsolete files;
- Updated dashboard/interior lighting.
Download Link 1 | Download Link 2

Changes in v1.9 By Etophia (1.46.x):
- Adapted to the latest game patch 1.45 / 1.46;
- Added windows animation/Buttons;
- Fixed bugged mirrors;
- Fixed bugged lights/beacons;
- Fixed mirror reflection;
- Fixed dashboard light;
- Renamed title from ,,Volvo FMX Kipper Rework" to ,,Volvo FMX Megamod".
Download Link 1 | Download Link 2 | Download Link 3

Changes in v1.8 (1.36.x):
- added mobile crane version
- fixes
- new beacons
- new flatbed accessory with load - credits for @lunna
- corrected uv
- added truck skin - brand painting fmx and dirt version
- deleted some cement mixers due to bad quality, instead added new liebherr ones
- added openable windows (1.37 only)
- corrected some texture
- uptaded template
- reworked rear crane on chassiss type 2
- Beacon 11,12,13 originally made by @stasiek2012

Changes in v1.7:
- added two HDS chassis with new load to equip
- fixed sand texture
- added compatibility for timon30 wheelen lightbars
- corrections in pump chassis
- corrected external camera
- new beacon slot on the roof
- new beacons used mainly in Poland with realistic patterns based on their real look
- transparency corrections
- corrections in kelsa lightbar flash pattern
- fixed "unable to map attribute" error
- added cistern equipment accessory
- truck now can be equipped with ADR plates bur require "signs on your truck" mod
- new dumper with crane accesory

Changes in v1.6:
- wipers now working in external view
- minor fixes
- 2 new dumpers with matching loads (called xxxx_for_dumper_red and  xxxx_for_dumper_black)
- new LIEBHERR cement mixer
- new concrete pump chasiss
- added skin template
- fixed incorrect wheels definitions

Changes in v1.5:
- corrected curtains position
- corrected dirty windshields
- fixed rus plate, now it has correct texture
- added decals accessory
- new stickers in the interior + slots
- new Austrian plates
- new horns + slots on the truck front
- many new beacons!
- new workers added
- added compatibility for big T beacons and strobes[BigT Britax LED Beacons Pack]
- new leds accessory
- compatibility for sisq lights

Changes in v1.4:
- fixed single trailer dealer logo
- fixed blinking rearside yellow panel
- completely changed engines and gearboxes into completely new(thanks to galimim for sharing)
- truck has now badges that changes whenever engine being swapped
- corrected brace position on single trailer
- added new horn
- added dirty glass to equip(from curtains slot)
- new loads-stones(sheet covered) and dirt
- sheet for black kipper
- added cb radio to equip
- removed unnecessary bak files
- corrected sand position on truck
- fixed corrupted triangle in the interior
- new beacon
- added new frontbar
- strobes are now working again
- added horseshoe accessory
- new interior accessories

Simple steps to install ETS2 Mods:

- download the mod «Volvo FMX Megamod v1.9.2 (1.48.x) for ETS2»
- use WinRAR or 7-zip and unzip the archive;
- copy the file with the extension .scs in My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator/mod folder
- start the game, go to your profile, see the Mod manager and activate the mod.

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