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TruckSim Map v6.6.2 (1.30.x)

TruckSim Map v6.6.2 (1.30.x) Version game: 1.30.x Total views: 24 212
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Version Game: 1.30.x
Submited by: admin

Description about TruckSim Map v6.6.2 (1.30.x)

TruckSim Map v6.6.2 (1.30.x) for Euro Truck Simulator 2 game.

The TruckSim Map is an expanded map of the standard Euro Truck Simulator 2. The map adds new continents, countries (including CIS countries) and cities, thus saturating and making the game itself diverse and fascinating. This card is one of the most popular on the download maps, along with such cards as ProMods, Mario Map and other maps.

Who would like to continue using the TSM map they needed DLC East, Scandinavia and France!!!

The Map adapted to patch 1.28 and also redone some Freight stations,
to get you access for the new unloading options with the new doubles ingame.
However, the companies DHL and Egyptsone had to be closed due to structural
defects and can not be approached at the moment. 

Changes in v6.6.2:
– Update to gamepatch version 1.30.x
– several bugfixes
– several new Things

New Changes in v6.6.1:
- Adaption to Patch 1.28 (changing the used flares in our map)
-fixed bugs
-rebuild hiways aruond Frankfurt/Main.

Cancel or finish your current delivery and edit your profile.
Deactive the old mods and activate the new ones.
Then delete the old parts from your modfolder.

All Trucksim MODS from Trucksim Map Team are offered under 
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported Licence. If you require 
further permissions you must contact us under TruckSim - Map 

Comments, Additions, Gratulations, Wishes and Suggestions you can 
always contact us via the forum under TruckSim - Map or sent us a mail 

Tested on game version 1.30.x

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  1. JEff0169
    • +1

    Bonjour pouvez-vous me dire si cette carte de Trucksim map 6.6.2 est compatible avec la promods 2.25?merci d'avance pour la réponse. 



















    1. luis
      • +1

      Hi guys i love ets2 and i like to download the trucksim mod.

      thank you

      1. admin
        • 0

        I'm glad you like it.


        Best regards!

  2. Pedro
    • 0

    It doesn´t work on ETS2 Steam edition

    1. admin
      • 0

      I tested on Steam Edition and works fine for me.

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