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SCANIA S and R Truck Models Development Update

SCANIA S and R Truck Models Development Update News ETS2 Total views: 1 289

SCANIA S and R Truck Models Development Update

Our work on the announced models of SCANIA Next Generation trucks

for Euro Truck Simulator 2 continues successfully.

We're excited about reaching an internal milestone and want

to share a couple of screenshots with you.

Despite some resistance from the vehicle department (they prefer to show off

their creations when they are fully complete), we were able to get fresh Scania S 4x2 High Cab shots.

This model is in a development phase when it can already be presented in

the game environment to review and assess the implementation of its characteristic features.

First look at the details of the cab interior is also possible now. 

Keep in mind that the presented model is incomplete and subject to further tweaks.

Both Scania S and R models are under development in parallel.

There is still a ton of work left and many details to polish before we reach the finish line,

but as you can see, we are giving them a lot of care!


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