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Video Going East DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Video Going East DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2 News ETS2 Total views: 2 517

This is a shot of the "Boulevard" mega-corridor connecting the halls. It's not even a weekend day when more people are free to come, and it's not the peak time of the day. Many of these visitors came to see just their favorite game, and after waiting 3-5 hours in a line, they may be lucky to get a 5 minute glimpse of it.

So far, only business visitors passing by the stand of rondomedia, our German publisher, could see the video below. Created in a rush in under a day, the movie was only supposed to run in the background of a distributor's private booth in the business area at GamesCom. We have not intended originally for it to be exposed to public scrutiny, we thought that the movie was too unpolished, but eventually we changed our mind after some people commented on this movie quite positively. What do you think?



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