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Brazil Map v5.1 by Fabiano Teixeira

Author: tacsi68 | 1-12-2015, 19:18 | Views: 3 376 | Comments: 1
Brazil Map v5.1 by Fabiano Teixeira Version game: 1.22.x Total views: 3 376
Category: Maps ETS 2
Version Game: 1.22.x
Credits: Fabiano Teixeira
Submited by: tacsi68

Description about Brazil Map v5.1 by Fabiano Teixeira

Map of Brazil update v5.1 for patch 1.22
- 300 cities
- Replaces the standard territory with all the DLC
- It is necessary to start a new game
- Availability of DLC GE and Scandinavia necessarily
Version v5.1:
- Map of Brazil update v5.1 for patch 1.22

Version v5.0:

- Conversion to version 1.21 of Euro Truck Simulator 2
- 29 new cities (Marilia, Bauru, Sheets Paulista, Botucatu, Birigui, Araçatuba, Catanduva, São Carlos, Araraquara, Rio Claro, Matão, Araras,
Pirassununga, Leme, Itapetininga, Itapeva, Cajati, Itaquaquecetuba, Mogi das Cruzes, Sprout, Ituverava, Batatais, France, Atibaia, Avare, Assisi,
Cruise, Cunha Oliveira, Pardons)
- Bug Fix
- Several new roads, as Washington Luis, Castelo Branco, Marechal Rondon and others, totaling more than 2,000 kilometers of new roads).
- New saws, Araras, Paraty-Cunha (dirt road), remade mountains of Petropolis, redone Serra da Cantareira.
- Several new bus stops
- Volvo's test track in the city of Juazeiro.


Version v4.4:

Essential updating the map to work on version 1.20 of the game (just works in Version 1.20)

– Correction of Errors,
– 4 New Cities
– Open file, released for editing


Version 4.3:
- 43 New cities (total 369 cities)
- South Region completely remodeled
- Breaking added springs (CAUTION, REAL WORK THEM SLOWLY PASS)
- More than 5000 kilometers of new roads and compiled roads.
- Several cities in ARGENTINA to CHILE Capital.
- Sierra de Los Carecoles (one of the most dangerous in the world) added.
- Several new stops by bus and truck on several roads.
- Found Correcting errors reported by map travelers.


- Raised over 3000 KM of New roads, made from scratch, as follows:
- Built Highway Dom Pedro (Campinas - Jacarei)
- Built Highway SP-340/344 (Campinas - Mogi Mirim - Aguas da Prata - Pocos de Caldas)
- Built BR-101 Rio-Santos highway
- Built Tamoios Highway (Caraguatatuba-San Jose)
- Built Highway Oswaldo Cruz (Ubatuba-Taubaté)
- Built BR-381 and 262 (BH-Valadares and BH-Win)
- Built BR-356 linking (BH - Ouro Preto - Mariana)
- Built PR-444 (Londrina - Maringa)
- Built BR-495 (Serra Teresópolis - Petrópolis)
- Created a "new" BR-020 between Brasilia and Luiz Eduardo Magalhães, to increase the distance and give more realism
- Built BR-262 from Araxa to Belo Horizonte
- Built BR-101 between Rio de Janeiro and Cabo Frio (with insertion of Niterói and Rio-Niteroi Bridge)
- Built-BR 135/251 Among Curvelo / Montes Claros and Rio-Bahia (BR-116)
- Created Ferry (Ferry) between São Sebastião Ilhabela, with the creation of the island.
- Built BR-116 Turning Porto Alegre to Pelotas, Rio Grande, Jaguarão.
- Built BR-290 Turning Porto Alegre to Uruguaiana and early access to Argentina
- Designed Dozens of new cities being several of them functional.
- Added the Serra do Rio do Rastro
- Built Highway in São Paulo.
- Remade the entire MG-050 which connects Ribeirão Preto to Belo Horizonte, now fully in single lane
- Rebooked entire BR-040 between Brasilia and Belo Horizonte
- Rebooked entire BR-070 between Cuiabá and Barra do Herons (with creation of new road)
- Rebooked entire BR-364/060 between Cuiaba and Goiania (single lane until Jatai and Duplicate to Brasilia (with creation of new road)
- BR-153 redone between São José do Rio Preto and Goiânia (with creation of new road from Morrinhos)
- Rebuilt and repositioned the cities of Goiania and Anapolis, seeking greater realism
- Rebooked the BR-364 highway from Cuiaba to Cáceres, now is Single Track
- Highway between Parati and Volta Redonda now of land.
- The map now totals 304 cities in MAP BRAZIL TOTAL
- Amended the acronym of the roads on the map and GPS to Brazilian roads, according to the reality of where they go.
- Created mod exclusive to Busólogos with loads and bus Free added, and included in the fast charges.

Dear viewers! Feel free to add your own video gameplay in commentary section. No account required.

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  1. Leon
    • 0
    Very nice map, thank you. I found an invisible wall here;
    Also some trees & road-signs spotted in some roads as well as some robots facing the wrong direction.
    But this is not critical and is still a very nice huge map.


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