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SweetFX V 1.5.1

Author: tacsi68 | 4-03-2014, 11:52 | Views: 8 009 | Comments: 4
SweetFX V 1.5.1 Version game: 1.8.2,,, Total views: 8 009
Category: Other mods ETS 2
Version Game: 1.8.2,,,
Credits: CeeJay,JoseMari_SkinArt
Submited by: tacsi68

Description about SweetFX V 1.5.1



Unzip the .scs archives into your “My Documents\Euro Truck Simulator\mod" folder


Hello friends .. here I bring the latest optimized and configured for our ETS2 my version .. remember that this is a mod .. optimizer is not an addition to the graphics card ..

Enjoy it :smile_mini:




SweetFX Version v1.5.1


What is?


SweetFX Shader Suite (or just SweetFX) is a mod built on InjectSMAA shader injector that allows you to apply a series of further processing of the shading effects to allow their games ..


SweetFX gets an upgrade and optimal resource optimization of game graphics card independently and individually to each according to functions ..


You can set Add SMAA smoothing gamma sharpness and color, exposure, and more


It is believed that the appearance of your games to improve and appearance according to your wishes (SweetFX the configurator)


If you can antialiasing SMAA instead of MSAA or even more expensive antialaliasing art to use also make the game run faster (than MSAA)


The effects of including


SMAA anti-aliasing image anti-aliasing using the technique SMAA


FXAA Anti-Aliasing Anti-aliasing of the image with the FXAA technology - currently only work under DirectX 9th Use the d3d9.dll FXAA in DX9 DLLs SweetFX for this DLL.


Scattered Pixel Explosion Explosion filter, similar to IrfanView


Cartoon effect to create a chart that shows the picture makes more comic look.


Advanced CRT mimics the look of an old CRT monitor arcade.


LumaSharpen sharpens the image makes it easier to see details


Bloom makes bright lights bleed their light environment


Framed HDR HDR tonemapped look


Setting new levels of black and white. A quick and easy way to increase the contrast, but cut cause. The curve effect makes a subtle way, without saturation.


Technicolor makes the image look like it was run through a process of three-strip Technicolor Cineon DPX, the picture is a view, the film is


Cineon DPX. It can be used to create a look sunny.


Monochrome colors Eliminates image to appear as if shot in black-and-white film.


Levante Gamma Adjust the brightness and color of the shadows, midtones and highlights (and usually no better than tonemap effect)


Gamma exposure tonemap saturation bleach and de-icer. (Can cause clipping)


Intensity intelligent saturated (or if you use negative values ​​desaturation) of pixels based on their initial saturation.


Curves contrast settings with curves S - without clipping.


Sepia Sepia toned image


Vignette darkens the edges of the image to make it look like it. Using a camera-lens


Dithering Dithering can represent more colors than your monitor to simulate. This reduces artifacts Bands


Makes the black border screen edge as a solution to the bright edge forces cause some AA modes sometimes.


Split screen mode active split-screen comparison of before and after.


SweetFX works with almost all 32-bit and 64-bit) DirectX 9, 10 or 11 games or applications.

Works on all versions of Windows from Windows 2000. Both 32-bit and 64-bit.

Works perfectly with all the cards, run the games and supports DirectX 9 Shader Model 3rd (That is, all the cards since the Geforce Nvidia Ati Radeon 6xxx series X1xxx y)


Some of the effects will also be working in old maps so that only run Shader Model 2. (Ati Radeon 9xxx series x8xx and GeForce FX 5xxx Series)

- There is a setting, the compatibility of the support for these old cards really SweetFX SweetFX_compatibility_settings.txt input allows

Your current WIP version works with most 64 - bit program and once it matured a bit more, as are most likely the default for new injector SweetFX






It is by copying the files in the archive SweetFX for ETS2 in the game root folder 1.5.1 - made by JoseMari_SkinArt.rar and be installed directly where the executable eurotrucks2.exe .. eg cArchivos of programaEuro Truck Simulator 2binwin_x86 ..


If you have it on steam, so you need to copy eg .. CArchivos of programaSteamSteamAppscommonEuro Truck Simulator 2binwin_x86Steam .. The way to tell if it is installed correctly with (in the game) the F12 key to the SweetFX change and appreciate differences



Uninstalling is as simple as removing the folder in which you copied


It is fully compatible with graphics mods Brutal Art Environment, Enhanced Weather, etc. .. but installed depending on the graphics card you will notice a drop in FPS ..




Presets by: JoseMari_SkinArt 


Game Version 1.8.XX


If you like this mod please come back for more. Hope you`ll enjoy... :wink_mini:


Dear viewers! Feel free to add your own video gameplay in commentary section. No account required.

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  1. Hello, the author of the add SweetFX .. but 1.5.1 is presets for ETS2 SweetFX 1.5.1 have been configured by me, and made provision JoseMari_SkinArt all ETS2 in several forums .. Please subscribe as it was in the forum where this modification is sack, that is:
    Presets by: JoseMari_SkinArt

    Thanks and greetings from Spain Jose .. (JoseMari_SkinArt)

    Sorry for my bad English, Translation By Google
    • User Offline tacsi68 | Administrators | № 2 | 5 March 2014 11:52 | 183 | 12 124
      • 0

    Thank you for the clarification. I hope it will be okay! :ok_mini:

  2. OK, Thanks for the grinding and and enjoy the modification ..
    GREETINGS from SPAIN .. :clapping_mini:
    • User Offline tacsi68 | Administrators | № 4 | 6 March 2014 13:38 | 183 | 12 124
      • 0

    You're welcome! Thank you for good modifier. May expect good things from you! :good_mini:

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