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Author: tacsi68 | 8-02-2014, 22:35 | Views: 4 031 | Comments: 0
MODERN PACK V1.1 Version game: 1.8.2,,, Total views: 4 031
Category: Other mods ETS 2
Version Game: 1.8.2,,,
Credits: Sycon1983
Submited by: tacsi68

Description about MODERN PACK V1.1


Unzip the .scs archives into your “My Documents\Euro Truck Simulator\mod" folder




This mod pack was on the original version of Euro Truck Simulator 2 + addon Current patch . In addition, the Steam version was used. The operating system comb Windows 7 (64 ) are used.


Self-written >>> mod pack <<<

! Have fun with it !

THANK YOU : To the many modders out there to us again and again with such wonderful

Art works to improve the games , when things are not just the developer again . * giggle


SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS : ( According to the manufacturer of the game)

Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7

Processor: Athlon-/Pentium IV or equivalent processor with 2.4 GHz

Memory: 2 GB RAM

Graphics Card: 256 MB VRAM

Hard disk: 1 GB free

Other: DirectX 9.0


Recommended for the Mod Pack:

Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7

Processor: Athlon X2 / Pentium D processor or equivalent 3.0 GHz

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics Card: 512 MB VRAM GeForce 9800GT or comparable

HDD: 4GB free ( Mod Size approx 8.5 GB)

Other: DirectX 9.0/10/11



Because Mod Pack folder and Unzip all files ( THIS ) folder under

\ "Libraries - Documents - Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Mod \ " Insert . Should this folder

still not be there , you have to start the game once and then save and exit.


you have done this, start the game and click on Edit in the Score menu.

Here all the mods Ativiren and because game was loading . But I recommend a reboot

of the story , because only then will fail avoided. But you can try it .


Errors / Crashes / Errors :

- The following truck dealers do not visit online :

  Inveco , Volvo, Scania ( game crashes otherwise ab)

- Pavement rarely faulty but not too bad

- Loading times are significantly longer load especially when play was

- Mercedes Benz has now no more favorable trucks ( but very good )

- Please note that restarting the game, if you want to start a new game must folgenes

  be observed: With a reboot , only the following mods should be active: SSVeconomics ,

  Replacement_graphics , Awesome_Rain_v4.1


  Why ? If you take quick Auträge to it always crashes the game , this does not happen if

  her as described above is happening . Sobalt you want you buy a truck , you can in your profile

  go and all other mods active Irish. QUICK ORDERS >>> are no longer possible <<<



Trucks :

- All trucks are original

- Two trucks from Mercedes New, many conversions possible

- Nissan Quon - 3LKWs at Iveco

- Kenworth W900A - 1LKW at GFL

- Kenworth W900B - is achieved by tuning

- MAZ 5440A9 - 1LKW at Volvo

- Scania 143M - 1LKW at Scania

- New skin colors for all trucks

- 65 % of all AI TRUCKS now also have original logos

- 50 % of all AI TRUCKS are now tuned

- You have to buy only 1 truck and can then buy online



- All standard trailers are original

- All gasoline, acid, water and liquids trailers are original

- All wood pendants are original

- The tipper trailer is original

- Added new freight



- All companies are original

- All companies will be displayed on the map

- All companies will be displayed on the Job menu

- All AI cars are now original

- New warning signs for severe curves , glow in the night - Only England

- All petrol stations are now original

- New road surface

- Level Ups go now 40 % faster

- New environmental sounds for cities and AI traffic

- Day and night Wechel more realistic

- Dust looks better

- New graphics are sunshine and rain effects

- Rain and fog are now more realistic

- Realistic Spieglungen

- Aquaplaning hinzugefühgt

- Changed menu background

- New loading screen

- Traffic lights , headlights and warning lights are now brighter

- TSM Version 4.5 with more cities , freight , roads and hazardous points

  also more environment, humans, birds , site work , corporate work ,

  Trains such as ICE and IC driving, Driving & Motor bikes also drive around


(Size: 1.8 gb)


If you like this mod please come back for more. Hope you`ll enjoy... :wink_mini:


Dear viewers! Feel free to add your own video gameplay in commentary section. No account required.

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