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Scania Streamline beta on Steam

Author: admin | 5-12-2013, 13:41 | Views: 6 929 | Comments: 1
Scania Streamline beta on Steam News ETS2 Total views: 6 929

We are preparing Euro Truck Simulator 2 update version 1.8 for release. Despite our best effort, our new AI code and physics improvements need more time "in the lab" as programmers are still tweaking things based on tester input. Therefore we decided to bring forward the release of a new vehicle model - Scania R edition bearing the legendary Streamline name! Such an important release deserves it's own version number bump, the planned code changes will therefore appear in future 1.9.x release.

Currently 1.8 is available in beta branch on Steam. This should be the final testing window, hopefully very short, and soon we'll be able to bring it out of beta on Steam and eventually also release the standalone patch for non-Steam players. Retail update takes quite longer to produce and test, plus setup the mirror servers so that our own infrastructure isn't immediately overloaded. But rest assured that it is coming asap as well.

Streamline trucks were always Scania's most leading, technically proficient trucks, with focus on efficiency and driver comfort. We hope that you will have fun trying out the new truck in our game!

Here's is a cool Scania Streamline video preview made by DaSquirrelsNuts:




Scania Streamline beta on Steam

Scania Streamline beta on Steam


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    • Theosz | Guests | № 1 | 5 December 2013 18:41 | 0 | 0
      • 0

    well. what say?

    Thanks... maybe

    I'll not change my current truck. Seems more of the same.

    Sorry if I'm not to patience enought anymore.

    I imagine that is so hard to make... and fix a game!!! an expensive DLC

    but after these months appears that the remedy is given in drops, not the whole spoon

    It will be enought have new trucks for the same traffic problems? I know that will fix ... someday

    it will be really good have new trucks while map haven't have Portugal, Spain, France? Europe is Europe!!

    it will be really good have new trucks without interesting things as it has in other maps as the Goba? Alespeed16's TSM?

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