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Trailers Nefaz 8332 for KamAZ trucks v2.1

Author: tacsi68 | 28-02-2020, 09:00 | Views: 63 | Comments: 0
Trailers Nefaz 8332 for KamAZ trucks v2.1 Version game: v1.36.x Total views: 63
Category: Other Trailers
Version Game: v1.36.x
Credits: Koral, Phantom94, Лёха72
Submited by: tacsi68

Description about « Trailers Nefaz 8332 for KamAZ trucks v2.1 »

Trailers Nefaz 8332 for KamAZ trucks v2.1 (1.36.x) for Euro Truck Simulator 2 game

This mod will add standalone Nefaz trailers to the game for the
KamAZ 5460/6460/65201/65117/4326/65221/6350/43118 truck (highway and offroad, single and double).
All trailers can be bought in property!

There are a lot of options for trailers (not all are shown in the spoiler)

Note! Standard loads are used, because I simply don’t understand my cargo for each 
trailer (tank, onboard, etc.), if anyone knows how to do this, you can make an addition to these trailers! :)

My changes : Full adaptation for 1.36, updated all 3D models for a new patch, 
fixed bugs and cleaned in the log! Added the ability to buy trailers in the property and support cables for all trailers

Trailer changes in v2.1:
- A lot of work has been done with the registration of the truck and trailers:

- Now, when buying a trailer in the configurator, each trailer body is tied to a certain type
of cargo (example: there are 4 types of tanks - each for its own type of cargo, 
there is a separate “cargo” body for it)

- Added visible loads for each trailer body (applies to the “onboard” and “timber truck” bodies)
- now when loading in the indicated trailers it will be not empty but visible cargo

- The weight of the trailers, the truck chassis pointed to the real ones according to the passport,
also applies to the weight of the goods, now the weight is closer to the real one

- Cargo appears in all countries and companies (taking into account their type)

The log is clean! 
Tested on 1.36.x game version

Credits: Koral, adaptation for 1.36: Phantom94, 
many thanks for the hints and help in fixing Lech's errors72

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