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Eastern Express Map v10.10 (1.30.x)

Author: SlavikSD | 15-04-2018, 17:12 | Views: 2 568 | Comments: 2
Eastern Express Map v10.10 (1.30.x) Version game: 1.30.x Total views: 2 568
Category: Maps ETS 2
Version Game: 1.30.x
Credits: Valera_T

Description about « Eastern Express Map v10.10 (1.30.x) »

Eastern Express Map v10.10 (1.30.x) for Euro Truck Simulator 2 game.

Project map Orient Express, Russia - Belarus -DLC.

Notes: The new game is not necessary to start, but you will lose the new graphics settings for HDR and setting winter roads (clutch or slip). If you are unable to play on the old profile - start a new game with a new profile. Features: Used copyrights prefabs to create original solutions. Due to the incomplete of study of prefabs, the traffic does not move prefabs in all directions and may be a problem with the map on the right path junction in your GPS - recommend travel undertaken strictly on road signs in the area of Art. Petersburg and north. Driving on winter roads only senkventalnoy or manual box, otherwise you can not even budge.
– Author prefabs used to create original solutions
– Because of an incomplete investigation of the slab, the traffic does not move on prefabricated housing in all directions
– There may be problems with the display the right way on the roundabout into his GPS Navigator – recommended passage
– Strictly on street signs performed in the field of art. Petersburg and north
– Driving on winter roads only senkventalnoy or manual box
– Otherwise you can not even move

Map of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.
Carried out cargo-passenger transportation in CIS and Europe.
Goods by truck and passengers by bus.

Features map:

– 241 town and village
– Working weigh stations
– Operating system of Plato (toll road)
– Large base-garage in the city of Samara with base of the company “East Express train” and Krasnoyarsk “Sovtransavto”
– All companies in Europe and the CIS have a real analog
Company in CIS brand new and are not equivalent to standard companies
– Carry out passenger transportation on buses between bus stations and in the CIS and between airports, construction sites, sea ports
– Have the ability to transport goods on trucks BDF (invisible cargo) and the trailer tandems
– New goods are busy only in CIS countries
– New trailers with the logos of Russian companies
– In recently added cities such as Omsk and Novosibirsk, at the bases of the gates are animated
– Required DLC “Going East!”, “Scandinavia” and “Vive la France!”
– It is possible to connect a standalone module of the CIS, not Europe
– Not compatible with other mods and maps, except those that are adapted specially for her

Transportation on the map:

Standard trucks replaced buses as well as trucks for a card bought in your dealership
– Available in salons: Samara, Ufa, Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev, Kharkov, Uzhgorod, Lvov, Brest, Grodno, Novorossiysk, Sochi, Volgograd, Ulyanovsk, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk

Peculiarities of passenger transportation:

– You must disable the settings for advanced simulation of coupling with a trailer
– You should have about 100 000 euros for the purchase of bus
– To access the passengers You must purchase a license for ADR goods 3 (gasoline, diesel fuel, etc.)
– After purchasing a license, you must buy a bus in one of the showrooms
The passengers in the menu goods will appear on the next day, after 0 hours, you can sleep in the garage to come the next day
– Are you ready for passengers
– Do not buy a license No. 3 are currently working on your truck, otherwise You will automatically pick up the passengers instead of the normal trailers

Features of loading and unloading passengers:

– Embarkation and disembarkation of passengers is carried out the crackdown on the frame front, and not backwards as on the truck
– Passengers it is still a trailer, just invisible, so it will be difficult for him to Park backwards and need upon arrival at the Parking place of to do more of the arc-in, so that
at the entrance to the Parking place of the invisible trailer could make the position of the bus – then the problems with the landing will not be
– Embarkation of passengers can be done backwards (where possible) as you have no trailer attached and no it does not hurt to Park on the loading backwards

About the buses:
– lake VOLVI is animated in the interior when unloading/ loading passengers disappear or appear in the cabin
– the IKARUS menu adjust steering wheel,invoked by the button F4,
up and down the front curtain is to adjust the rudder
– the HYUNDAI when applying the Parking brake, open the front door.
Animation VOLVI is my revision, with the rest made by the author of this bus.

What's new in version 10.10:

- added 9 new cities from Chita to Solov`evsk;

- fixed all errors noted.

Eastern Express Map v10.10 (1.30.x)

Load order:





What's new in version 10.9:
- Added new settlements, a new section of the route Kansk - Irkutsk
- fixed all errors noted

What’s new in version 10.7:

– Added new locations, a new section of the highway Kansk – Irkutsk
– fixed all bugs

What’s new in version 10.4:
– map adapted to patch 1.27
– made 5 police cars to CIS countries
– penalties for violations of established traffic rules of the Russian Federation
– reworked the system of Plato – Autopayment on all routes and in all towns
– adapted to patch 1.27 – buses, tandems, Pak Russian and American trucks.
– connected and configured mod Russian traffic for map Eastern Express
– fixed all noticed bugs.

Fashion trucks :
separately, Russian auto industry, KAMAZ, MAZ, ZIL, KrAZ, Ural – there are options and BDF tandem.
and separate American trucks – 4 of ATS, and optionally, fred argosy, classic XL, Peterbilt 100 K and Volvo VLN 670
Serviceability checked on version 1.27(s) , compatibility with previous versions do not.

The map does not work without the GE DLC ,DLC Scandinavia and Viva la France!!!


Author map: Valera_T
Authors of objects: valera_t, kosa6414, goba6372, STALKER45, Denlog, Gluck, klipstoeun8839
Authors of prefabs: Valera_t, FLD, klipstoeun8839, SCS
Author of trailers: Omenman
Card tester: KZN_TIM
Author of the bus: Volvo B12B - Mahyar Ghasemi

Tested on 1.30.x game version

Screenshots Mod
Eastern Express Map v10.10 (1.30.x) Eastern Express Map v10.10 (1.30.x)

Simple steps to install ETS2 Mods:

- download the mod «Eastern Express Map v10.10 (1.30.x)»
- use WinRAR or 7-zip and unzip the archive;
- copy the file with the extension .scs in My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator/mod folder
- start the game, go to your profile, see the Mod manager and activate the mod.
Tags: Eastern, Express

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    why it doesn't work on my game?

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      What version of the game do you have?

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