Road to the Black Sea DLC for ETS2

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RENAULT AE MAGNUM 1990 DX11 [1.35.x] v1.35.x Added by: tacsi68 Views: 460
Renault AE Magnum [1.34.x] 1.34.x Added by: tacsi68 Views: 704
RENAULT AE MAGNUM 1990 [1.31.x] 1.31.x Added by: tacsi68 Views: 1 333
Renault AE Magnum Truck [1.28.x-1.30.x] 1.30.x Added by: tacsi68 Views: 1 727
Renault AE Magnum + Interior v1.0 (1.25.x) 1.25.x Added by: admin Views: 2 015
Renault Magnum [1.23] 1.22.x, 1.23 (beta) Added by: tacsi68 Views: 3 908
Renault Magnum Pack v 3.0 by Solaris36 1.23.x Added by: tacsi68 Views: 2 561

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  1. admin admin4 December 2019 20:39 Thank you for updating the mod.   Best regards!... All the service staff v1.5.1
  1. EvgenKo423 EvgenKo4234 December 2019 19:13 Outdated, but still works in 1.36. Next version here:... All the service staff v1.5.1
  1. luissenciado_21 luissenciado_213 December 2019 19:50 Muchisimas gracias a todos los que se toman la molestia de... Bus Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v8.3
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