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"KrAZ-255" for ETS2 v1.18

"KrAZ-255" for ETS2 v1.18 Version game: 1.18.x Total views: 3 134
Version Game: 1.18.x
Submited by: tacsi68

Description about "KrAZ-255" for ETS2 v1.18

Supplement to fashion "KrAZ-255" for ETS-2 version 1.18.x


Addition to the basic model of KrAZ-255 .
Sold also in the showroom "Volvo".

The list of add-ons:

- Integrated into the previously laid out fix for version 1.16s;

- Removed the collision the truck model that could be easier to hitch the standard trailers;

- Added two pairs of wheels, redesigned for the new version of the ETS;

- The original chassis is divided into two uses of fuel tanks: one small and two large volumes of tanks;

- Given the original engines fashion to the standard power ratings, new engines;

- 08.07.10 added options and 16-speed gearbox;

- Added two more variants of the same color, "Guards";

- Integrated voice version of the engine from cepkoc -a partially recycled, with the sounds of the "faulty" PPC. Now, when you change gear box instead of sound "PN-sh-sh-sh-sh ..." all the time will make sounds "FC-p-r-xx" in different sequences;

- Mode janitors added another slow mode;

- For interior altered photo that stick to tidy on burning biker (without eroticism).


Author: Koral
Co-authorship additions: Term99, cepkoc, silvesstall

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