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DAF XF 105 v5.2 by vad&k

DAF XF 105 v5.2 by vad&k Version game: 1.28.x Total views: 2 038
Category: Trucks ETS 2 / DAF Trucks
Version Game: 1.28.x
Submited by: tacsi68

Description about DAF XF 105 v5.2 by vad&k

DAF XF 105 v5.2 by vad&k for Ets2 1.28.x game version

(Update 01.11.2017)


- Completely redesigned EU interior. We added a lot of new parts and replaced the standard texture
- Redesigned external model.
- Advanced coupling supported.
- Support of all possible DLC on accessories and flags.
- Support for coloring - not complete. Coloring on the roof to go to is not entirely correct.
- A large number of tuning salon and exterior model
- Added some paint_job.
- Added several independent accessories in the cabin (requires the "DLC - Cabin Accessories")
- Support the "DLC - DAF Tuning Pack" ( requires the "DLC - DAF Tuning Pack")
- Added several options for chassis and cabs.
- And other changes
Mod replaces the standard DAF XF105 of the game.

In mods, with the permission of the author, there are some materials from AlexeyP.
Currently supported game version: 1.28 work on other versions - is not guaranteed.

New version 5.2:
- added metal coverings on the chassis (for 4x2 only)
- added variants of EEV, EURO5 and ATe labels
- added several options for installing front and rear license plates.
- added the ability to install your own license plate.
- in the slot "Radio" added GPS-navigator with the default location of devices
- added retro-reflective plates for installation on the rear mudguard
- added a version of the rear lights of Euro 6 for installation on standard mudguard
- added two "tuned" rear bumper (chrome and paint)
- added three options for a wide rear mudflaps for the "tuned" rear bumpers and to them a template.
- changed the templates of some parts, added a file template_en.txt a description of some templates
- corrections in the physics of accessories.
- fixed bugs and more.

Changelog for version 5.1
- improved compatibility with "DLC - DAF Tuning Pack".
- added "A" sign.
- added hydraulic system for the chassis FT 4x2 (with one fuel tank).
- removed the chassis with a spare wheel, the spare wheel itself is now installed as an accessory on the FT 4x2 chassis (with one fuel tank).
- On all the rear wings are added slots for installing light markers.
- Added a model of the light marker for installation on the side mirrors.
- added additional slots for installing lighting on the side mirrors euro6.
- A separate slot for the installation of fire extinguishers was added to the rear wall of the cabin.
- Added two types of fire extinguishers on the back of the cabin (single and double).
- fixed bugs and more.

Changelog version 5.0:
– adaptation to the patch 1.28.
– added addition to work correctly “DLC – DAF Tuning Pack”.
– added two versions of sideskirts “Ranger” (chrome and paint).
– added a variant of sun visor Samurai 2.
– added new steering wheels
– added small curtains for side windows (requires the “DLC – Cabin Accessories”).
– fixed bugs and more.


Changes in v4.4:

– Added new chassis 4×2 with spare wheel
– Added EU external model interior to cabin SSC
– Reworked the default 4×2 chassis
– Various fixes to the interior model
– Fixed found bugs.
– and other.

Extract scs files from downloaded archive to mod folder of ETS2.

Enable them both in mod manager. Enjoy.

If you’ve used before this mod – do not forget to call in to the studio for the retrofitting

of accessories that are in this update were made in tuning!

Credits: vad&k, SCS Software
Credits 50k_addons:
Credits airconditioning mod: Elitesquad Modz, vad&k

Before upgrading mod must finish all the shipping and sell old truck!


Tested on game version 1.28.x

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