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Scania R (SCS) Tuning Beta 1.0

Scania R (SCS) Tuning Beta 1.0 Total views: 2 233
Submited by: test

Description about Scania R (SCS) Tuning Beta 1.0

I have something geknutseld, Scania R SCS Tuning Betá version 1.0.
Custom interiors include UK this time, only topline cabin. A lot of
tuning some made by me some rebuild some of others…
because i worked so long on this mod i may not see everything is
fitting, so i share with you, maybe you can help a little bit, so
there’s the betá. i am aware of some things like sunshields to be
reworked, some light flares to be made, and a lot of icons for the
store. You should be able to use standard template, but be aware that
i have to make custom template for some parts. So if you find a
mistake or have a idea, or you hate it or like it, don’t be shy and
post your reaction here. (not to hard on me please)
i hope you like it

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