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Renault-T v5.1 1.23.х - 1.25.х

Renault-T v5.1 1.23.х - 1.25.х Total views: 2 161
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Description about Renault-T v5.1 1.23.х - 1.25.х

- Truck for sale in Reno Motor Show.
- Spelled out in the gallery and in the company truck.
- Has its own add-ons, sounds, skins and templates.
- Residence permit, icons and sounds open for editing.
- Access to the rest of fashion closed.

List of changes:
1. Adaptation to the new version of the game (1.23).
2. Added painted wheels.
3. Offset wheel.
4. Removed kolendar.
5. Fixed glass on the headlights.
6. Fixed minor bugs.
7. Added "DLS"
8. Fixed shadow.
9. Fixed sound.
10. Fixed a collision.

For the version of the game from the 1.23. - 1.25.

Tags: Renault

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  1. thimic51
    • 0
    Thx for this mod but i think it's not the last version...
    I search the v6.1 if it's the last version for the Renault T

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