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Improved environment sound v1.4 (1.22.x)

Improved environment sound v1.4 (1.22.x) Version game: 1.22.x Total views: 2 079
Version Game: 1.22.x
Credits: AlexeyP
Submited by: tacsi68

Description about Improved environment sound v1.4 (1.22.x)

This hefty sound mod improves sounds of ETS2 world. From sounds of ai cars/trucks to the sounds of roadworks and cows)) All sound are hi-res, taken from pro sound libraries and processed for better intergration.

Features (for ver.1.4)

- Mod adds more approx. 250 high quality sounds and music for ETS2;
- New realistic sounds for ai cars and new ai car horn sounds, taken from real cars;
- Every truck now have its own new windshield wipers sound;
- More realistic and more detailed refueling and trailer coupling sounds;
- More realistic lift axle sound;
- New HQ rain, interior rain and thunder sounds;
- New HQ rain blobs textures and improved general look of rain on windshield;
- Realistic train sounds, including sound of railroad crossing semaphore;
- New yawn sounds for men/women driver;
- New garage interior and garage gates sound;
- New environment sounds for forest and city. Now its total 37 new sounds;
- Reworked ambience sounds for companies. Added many missing sounds for different companies (for default, Pro Mods, RusMap, ROS, TSM and MHA map companies). Added more than 40 sounds overall;
- Added many new and changed old sounds for different game objects (movers) from default map and various mod maps: sounds of animals, people, machines etc;
- New ferry and train (Eurotunnel) sounds;
- New photo mode camera sound;
- New menu music;
- New road reflections look during rain;
- Decreased viewing angles for mirrors;
- Mod is fully compatible with Sound Fixes Pack mod by Drive Safely, but must be installed with higher priority!

Mod is tested with ETS2 ver. 1.22. Should work on previous version too! Mod is compatible with all map mods, but must have higher priority! Mod was adapted for Pro Mods map, Russian Open Spaces map, TSM map, MHA map and Rus Map. If you will use force_mods param in game launch options, your cash sound will be changed to mobile phone vibration sound.

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