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Gearbox/Differential Mod for All trucks

Gearbox/Differential Mod for All trucks Version game: 1.18.x Total views: 2 714
Version Game: 1.18.x
Credits: Snoman
Submited by: tacsi68

Description about Gearbox/Differential Mod for All trucks

Gearbox/Differential Mod for All trucks


Note from the Author:

Hi guys,

I thought my first post here should be a mod I have been working on, gearboxes and differentials. Very simple, but adds a bit more depth to the game.

The idea first started when I saw new gearboxes added in the Realistic Driving Mod. I thought it was a neat idea, but then I started having issues with later versions of the game so I dropped it. Then I started using Jazzycat's cargo mods with heavier loads. At that point I started to think how fun it might be to try to pull a 60t load with the weakest truck in the game, I think I chose an Iveco Stralis Cursor8. Funny yes, not fun for the receiver when I pulled up 4 hours late. Then I thought some more...what if I had a 16 speed with super low gearing. That last grade wouldnt have slowed me down at all.......hmmmmm :roll::roll:

So I started searching for different engine/drivetrain mods to get some inspiration, so if you have ever created a drivetrain mod, Thank You. I used bits and pieces of different mods and then filled in the gaps with a lot of searching online. I live in the US, so I cant just call up a dealer and ask for specs.


So I present my gearbox mod.

Changes include:
Gearboxes for all trucks in the game including the New Actros
Realistic gearbox model names with accurate gear ratios and accurate differential ratios.
Appropriate Gearbox/Engine combinations when possible.
Multiple differential ratios for each gearbox. Very nice for drivers using Automatic modes, to save gas or to pull heavy loads.
All gearboxes have retarder/intarder
Volvo FH Classic added D13C engines for variety...I know the FH16 badge is wrong...but I cant do visual mods yet. :mrgreen:
I also added all my notes from my research and some tips on differential ratios for drivers using Automatic mode.
Please let me know if you see any mistakes or want something added. Please post a link to the info if you have it.

I tested this thoroughly on version 1.18 with all vanilla truck models and configurations, but please let me know if you have any issues.

Im sure I could get this to work with other truck mods if anyone needs help with that


Added Ohaha Gearbox. All trucks Gearbox (Works with Ohaha mod by Pendragon)


Download Ohaha2013 Gearbox


Enjoy! :wink_mini: 



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