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» » » Kelsa Lightbars for DAF XF 105 & 106 v1.5 [1.30.x]

Kelsa Lightbars for DAF XF 105 & 106 v1.5 [1.30.x]

Kelsa Lightbars for DAF XF 105 & 106 v1.5 [1.30.x] Version game: 1.30.x Total views: 645
Version Game: 1.30.x
Credits: obelihnio
Submited by: tacsi68

Description about Kelsa Lightbars for DAF XF 105 & 106 v1.5 [1.30.x]

Kelsa Lightbars for DAF XF 105 & 106 v1.42 for Ets2 1.30.x game version.

(New update 01.03.2018)

The focus of this pack is to bring various Kelsa light bars available for the XF 105/6.

All parts resemble their real counterparts as close as possible, that includes slot numbers/positions.
Every part is custom fit to it’s respective truck.

New version 1.5:

-Added ChassisBar (both trucks)

-added WingBars (XF 105 only)

-added LedBar (XF 106 only)

-fixed some sunk slots on the XF 106 Bakbar High mount, 

-updated template for light-bars, 

-added template for LedBar.

Version 1.42:

-Fixed doubled accessory slots on some of the Bakbar combinations;
-Adjusted the light box slot on all roof bars.

Version 1.41:

-Fixed errors in def files and icons from v1.4.
-Added support for DAF XF 105 by vad&k

Version 1.4:

New parts 

-Airbar (4 variants)

-Bakbar (cabins with spoilers only)

-Bakbar High Mount (SSC Cabins only

-High power reverse work lamps for the Bakbars.

To add custom lights to the airbar add the suitable_for[]: "exhaust_m" to the definitions, 

the Bakbars use the standard roof grill locators.

Version 1.3:

New parts:


-HiBar DH06 (SC Cabins); can be used with DH04 & DH07 HiBars

-HiBar DH07 (SC Cabins)

-HiBar DH11 (SSC Cabins)

Additional changelog:
- fixed minor bugs;

- added extra roof slots on the SSC bars;

- re-done all workshop icons

Version 1.21:

-Updated for Ets2 v1.30;

-integrated the SCS hookup fix

Version 1.2:
MultiBar XL
All parts have a painted variant for skinning (refer to the template for exact locations – in the archive)

Version 1.1:
HiBar DH12 (SC cabins)
Visorbar (SSC cabins); can be used with the DH08 HiBar

Known Issues:

1. Some SCS skins will conflict with the airbar template- can't test/fit everything perfectly

2. The Airbar for the XF 106 is further from the cabin then it should - NOT FIXABLE, the SCS air cables are non removable

3. The Bakbar for the XF106 is higher than IRL - clipping issues with truck parts

4. Missing Bakbar for the XF106 Space Cab (no spoiler) - NOT A BUG, maybe in a future update

Tested on game version 1.30.x

Light bars - UPDATED for v1.5 LINK
XF105 Airbar LINK
XF106 Airbar LINK
XF106 LedBar LINK

Respect the original download links.

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