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Lightpack v 1.0 by powerkasi

Lightpack v 1.0 by powerkasi Version game: 1.22.x Total views: 6 300
Version Game: 1.22.x
Credits: powerkasi
Submited by: tacsi68

Description about Lightpack v 1.0 by powerkasi

Changelog from 0.7 to 1.0:
- Torpedos added and they are using backlt section (spoiler over cap)
- Hella marker lights updated. ("blue effect" removed)
- New "long version" of 50k/RJL sidelights added (recommended to use with my scania addon mod)
- NBB Alpha 255 lights added
- Edited version of topline lightbox added (edited to fit on RJL's Scania. Lightmask also edited.)


Sidelights: RJL, 50k, powerkasi
Hella Marker Lights: powerkasi
Topline Lightbox: 50k, powerkasi
NBB lights: powerkasi
Flares of NBB Leds: SwedishTruckMafia


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