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Engine Overhaul and Balance Mod [1.10+] v.2 by g10stpd

Engine Overhaul and Balance Mod [1.10+] v.2 by g10stpd Version game: 1.10.1,,,,1.11(beta),,,, Total views: 2 347
Version Game: 1.10.1,,,,1.11(beta),,,,
Credits: g10stpd
Submited by: tacsi68

Description about Engine Overhaul and Balance Mod [1.10+] v.2 by g10stpd

Note Author(by g10stpd) :
This mod is aimed at providing better power balance between trucks at similar experience levels.
This mod provides 11 new engines and 21 more options for customization. Many of the engine upgrades are available earlier in progression to provide better balance between makes, all of the engines should be unlocked by level 20. A lot of the starter trucks should have higher baseline power, but the smaller engines are still available if you wish to use them.


Level 0: 1900-2100nm torque engines for starter trucks
Level 2: up to 2100nm torque
Level 4: up to 2200nm torque
Level 6: up to 2300nm torque
Level 8: up to 2400nm torque
Level 10: up to 2500nm torque
Level 12: up to 2600nm torque
Level 14: up to 2700nm torque
Level 16: up to 2800nm torque
Level 18: up to 3200nm torque
Level 20: all engines should be unlocked


I also tweaked the engine brake to better match that of engine displacement, bigger engines provide better brake horsepower.


Here is the New Engines:
Cummins ISX15 2779nm torque
Cummins QSK19 3084nm torque (yes, this is not an on-road engine)
Cummins QSK19 Tuned 3484nm torque
Cursor 13 Tuned 2750nm torque
Cursor 16 3500nm torque
D2676 Tuned 2750nm torque
D2868 Tuned 3420nm torque
OM 473 3000nm torque
OM 473 Tuned 3420 torque
520DXi Tuned 2750 torque
Volvo D16G 3550 torque

This mod is compatible and works fine with ETS2 versions 1.10 and the current beta 1.11.


v2 available, non-critical update
-Both Mercedes OM 473 removed and added 1865 (3000nm) and 1865t (3420nm)
-Included a fix for the MAN TGX 400 badge.

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