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New engines for all trucks

New engines for all trucks Version game: 1.7.0 Total views: 3 351
Version Game: 1.7.0
Credits: Piciu713
Submited by: tacsi68

Description about New engines for all trucks

Unzip the .scs archives into your “My Documents\Euro Truck Simulator\mod" folder


New engines for all trucks


They are balanced to default ETS engines (price, HP, kW, Nm, unlock



Volvo FH / FH 2012:

- 780km, 3690Nm, 574kW


Iveco Stralis Hi-Way:

- 650km, 2900Nm, 478kW


Iveco Stralis:

- 600KM, 2680Nm, 442kW

- 650km, 2900Nm, 478kW

- 690KM, 3080Nm, 508kW

- 730km, 3260Nm, 537kW


Scania R:

- 770km, 3700Nm, 567kW


Renault Magnum:

- 570km, 2800 nm, 420kW

- 640km, 3140Nm, 471kW

- 690KM, 3380Nm, 508kW

- 740km, 3630Nm, 545kW


Renault Premium:

- 500km, 2390Nm, 368kW

- 560km, 2680Nm, 412kW

- 600KM, 2870Nm, 442kW

- 650km, 3110Nm, 478kW

- 710km, 3400Nm, 523kW



- 580km, 2840Nm, 427kW

- 620km, 3040Nm, 456kW

- 670km, 3280Nm, 493kW

- 710km, 3480Nm, 523kW



- 750km, 3310Nm, 552kW


Mercedes-Benz Actros:

- 630km, 2950Nm, 464kW

- 670km, 3140Nm, 493kW

- 720km, 3370Nm, 530kW





Tested in version: 1.7.0 + DLC + TSM + JPM

Add motors to existing

Unlock at level 25


If you like this mod please come back for more. Hope you`ll enjoy... :wink_mini:

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