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Momo's Sway Bar A for Ets2

Momo's Sway Bar A for Ets2 Version game: 1.33.x Total views: 165
Version Game: 1.33.x
Credits: Momo
Submited by: tacsi68

Description about Momo's Sway Bar A for Ets2

Momo's Sway Bar A for Ets2 1.33.x game version

If you are quite OK with the new SCS's physics in 1.33, but you wish that the side-to-side 
movement of the truck would be more realistic, more responsive to curves and turns...

This mod only changes the sway bar, nothing else at all. 
The rest remain vanilla.

- Unfortunately NOT compatible with other physics mods.
- Designed from and for 1.33.
- Compatible with all modded trucks, but this will override all the modded truck's physics (if any)
- Compatible with Air Ride mods.

If you are a hardcore sim player who does not compromise realism, the setting below 
will bring in-game speed sensation equal to real life.
- FOV 80
- Console command "warp 0.7" (repeat every time you enter the game)
- Or "warp 0.8" if you think 0.7 is too slow for you.
- "s_interior_volume 0.5" (Because modern trucks' cabins are quiet.)
- "s_wheel_noise 0.5" (Reduce the arcade tire sound)
- "s_air_noise 3" (Feel the wind hitting your windshield)

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