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Hardcore Realistic Physics v2.0 by retro

Hardcore Realistic Physics v2.0 by retro Version game: 1.32.x Total views: 108
Version Game: 1.32.x
Credits: retro
Submited by: tacsi68

Description about Hardcore Realistic Physics v2.0 by retro

Hardcore Realistic Physics v2.0 by retro for Euro Truck Simulator 2 game. 

This is a hardcore realistic physics mod designed for users who are looking for a realism.Also, the mod changes interior camera behavior.
For the proper mod work you will have to do some changes.
I've adapted all default truck chassis files so you will need to do the same thing for modded 
trucks (in the future updates I'll adapt chassis files for modded trucks you request)
So, how to do it? For example I want to adapt MADster's MAN TGX Euro 6... You open the truck mod and follow this path:
You open this .sii file and change default values to these
residual_travel[]: 0.30 # 1st axle
residual_travel[]: 0.10 # 2nd axle
kerb_weight[0]:    5000.1
kerb_weight[1]:    2000.1
For now, the mod is only suitable for 4x2 chassis. In one of the next updates I'll make one 
more additional mod for 4x2 lowdeck chassis, because if you change residual travel of an axle the whole truck
behaves differently.
Next thing you need to change is trailer stability. Decrease trailer stability all the way to the left, to the minimum.
Braking intensity should be at the middle if you use keyboard, but for the steering wheel users I recommend 
to try it out and see how it feels, how it's more comfortable for you.
Physical camera movement factor to the maximum.

You are done! That's it!

There is one known bug. If you brake really hard with an empty trailer or a low weight cargo cabin tends to sink forward and it doesn't go back to the neutral position how it should. I hope you don't mind this and this will be fixed in the next update. I've tried doing everything but to fix this problem I have to change the whole way of making cabin realistic movement, so this will be done next time I update the mod.

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