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» » » Complete Winter Mod v3.2 by satan19990 (1.32.x)

Complete Winter Mod v3.2 by satan19990 (1.32.x)

Complete Winter Mod v3.2 by satan19990 (1.32.x) Version game: 1.32.x Total views: 164
Version Game: 1.32.x
Credits: satan19990
Submited by: tacsi68

Description about Complete Winter Mod v3.2 by satan19990 (1.32.x)

Complete Winter Mod v3.2 by satan19990 (1.32.x) for Euro Truck Simulator 2 game.

Note from the Author:
My next version of winter mod. Mod added many things from real winter like snow bars, 
snowed road, vegetation and small things like christmas tree, christmas lights, snowmans, snow plows. 
Just all what you need in winter mod. 
Mod is splitted to few parts so all can find perfect version to use (more in readme files). 
Mod will be works with all maps and DLC.
To get the full effect of winter in game graphics settings turn off the GRASS! ! !
Make sure the mod load after all other mods (give more zzz to file name)

Tested and working in v1.32.x

New changes in v3.2:
- Improved mod for 1.32 patch

Changes in v3.1.1
- Improved mod for Italy DLC
- Fixed snowplow
- Fixed missing .mat files
- Added more winter climate

Changes in new version 3.1:
- Improved mod for 1.30 patch
- Fixed errors and warnings

What mod changes?
- New asphalt, roads, terrain, water and vegetation texture
- Added Christmas decorations, lights, Christmas trees, etc.
- Snowed some buildings
- Snowdrifts, snowmen instead of combine harvesters and tractors
- Snowplow added in AI traffic
- Dirty AI cars, trucks, trailers, snowed wheels
- Dirty road signs
- Snow on the windshield trucks
- New sounds of rain
- I added orange streetlights
- Horizontal markings have been removed
- Remove cows, bales of straw, harvesters etc.

After download and extract mod, you will see 4 .scs files, a brief description of each:
Link 1.) Complete Winter Mod v3.2 [BASE] - The basic part of the mod. necessary for the proper functioning
Link 2.) Complete Winter Mod v3.2 [ADDON] more snow on asphalt - part of the mod which adds more texture of the snow-covered asphalt,
adding a snowplow, snowed wheels, etc. Do not change over driving physics, the car will behave like a normal asphalt.
Link 3.) Complete Winter Mod v3.2 [ADDON] Extreme - change the driving physics in the game, it is very slippery, slow motion AI, use manual gearbox.
Allow copy on another forum but keep orginal download link (with and authors!
Do not reupload!

Tested on game version 1.30.x

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