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Improved company trucks v1.4

Improved company trucks v1.4 Version game: 1.21.x,1.22.x Total views: 2 059
Category: Other mods ETS 2
Version Game: 1.21.x,1.22.x
Submited by: tacsi68

Description about Improved company trucks v1.4

"Improved company trucks" or "ICT" For EXPERIENCED truckers only!



- 600 variants of quick job trucks (rhd and lhd) to select from;
- Every quick job truck now has its own technical condition;
- Almost all possible variants of chassis, cabins, interiors, now used in quick job trucks. More than 90% of default engines are represented;
- Mercedes Actros `14, Volvo FH16 2009\2012 and Iveco Stralis\HiWay now use new engines from Snoman`s Gearbox/Differential mod. Also, all quick job trucks use real gearbox data from Snoman`s Gearbox/Differential mod (mod is integrated);
- Trucks differ by installed accessories: front and bottom grills, wheels, sunshields, headlights, mirrors, doorhandles, sideskirts and doorsteps;
- Correct badges, based on engine\chassis type;
- Reworked truck paint system: trucks will use SCS standard/metallic paint and custom skins of real logistic companies: A.K. Worthington, CEVA, Freya, Fiege, Kuehne Nagel, Norbert Detressangle, Panalpina, Schenker, Sovtransavto, Dachser, Emons Group, Logwin Logistics, Fercam, Willi Betz and Raben;
- 110 new paint colors for ai\quick job trucks and ai cars;
- All trucks (except Renault Premium) now have working interior lights;
- All trucks without integrated GPS will have TomTom navigators;
- Hardcored truck physics;
- Hardcored economics and reworked police fines;
- Hardcored UI: virtual mirrors was removed and advisor lost some functions - from now on, it will not show you: map, time, ETA, speed, gear, damage, fuel level, fatigue;
- Icons of service stations, gas stations, recruit agencies, rest places and undiscovered places was removed from the map as a part of increased realism;
- Added one more mode for windshield wipers;
- More realistic customization for driver`s seat;
- New loading screens and menu music.


Mod is tested with ETS2 ver. 1.22. Mod is compatible with all map mods, but must have higher priority!
If you will use this mod witn new profile, please complete 3-4 jobs and only then enable this mod, otherwise after first job completion, your game will crash to desktop. However, you can load save game and continue your game without problem.


-Integrated Snoman Gearbox/Differential mod;
-Added new mode for windshield wipers;
-Added new hardcored physics;
-More realistic setup for driver`s seat;
-Added new hardocored economy and police fines;
-Added new menu music and loading screens;
-Reworked trucks technical condition. Damage level decreased;
-Preview of quick job truck reverted to default one;
-Lots of bugs was eliminated.


Truck physics:
-Lower truck sensivity at high speed;
-Weaker swaybar;
-Added small fifth wheel roll angle;
-Reworked brakes: less effective brakes, corrected max T of brakes, more realistic warm up/cool down rate;
-Reworked cabin: realistic cabin weight,  new pitch/roll angles, weaker damping strenght;
-Softer suspension, but not much;
-Higher air resistance.
Don`t touch clutch parameters, keeping in mind keyboard players.

-More realistic fines;
-Probability of being fined was significantly increased.


Detailed changes in economics/physics/fines in latest version

-Truck refund coef increased;
-New lesse values for garage cost and garage prod plan;
-More trucks to buy required to access online buy method;
-Less driving time till rest (nine hours);
-Sleep now is two hours long. Sleep three times in a row to get prolonged rest;
-Less time to complete delivery;
-Less max overtime for deliveries;
-Higher "no cargo" probability;
-Less cargo validity time;
-Much decreased cost of driver hire;
-Much decreased player and company driver`s revenue;
-No more fixed revenue for player and ai drivers, you can make money for passed km`s only;
-Higher xp bonus for manual parking, lesser - for freetravelling;
-Ai-drivers now can have negative income.
Overall: company business and personal job are significantly harder now.


AlexeyP (me): mod idea, its realisation and lots of other things (truck definition files, physics, ecomomics, skins, music/graphics and so on)
Snoman - author of Gearbox/Differential mod (now integrated in ICT)
Term99, Schumi - original author of TomTom navigator and author of its adaptation for latest game version
Alang7 - author of Interior Lights mod (i`ve slightly updated its mod, because of lots of errors in console)


Enjoy! Download links are below Distribute free, but please keep original download links!








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