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Level and money (XP) mod v1.0-v.1.2.1 by JCV

Level and money (XP) mod v1.0-v.1.2.1 by JCV Version game:, 1.3.1, etc Total views: 9 145
Category: Other mods ETS 2
Version Game:, 1.3.1, etc
Credits: JCV
Submited by: tacsi68

Description about Level and money (XP) mod v1.0-v.1.2.1 by JCV

Unzip the .scs archives into your “My Documents\Euro Truck Simulator\mod" folder


This is one of the most usefull mods out there!! Its one of the simplest mod ive ever done, and im surprised that none has thought of that!


Here are the things that have been changed:

*Truck reselling is now at 99% (no loss)

*Small garage now costs 18.000

*Upgrade garage costs 10.000

*Garage tiny costs 2.000

*Garage small costs 15.000

*Garage large costs 30.000

*Fuel discount from garage is 50%

*Abandoning a mission doesnt cost you anything!!!

*Cargo 'damage to price value' lowerd.

*Hire driver will cost..15€

*Bonus level reward up to 30% (fragile, or urgent)

*Free roam 1000XP

*Parking the trailer yourself will give you 6.000XP

*Trailer damage percent is now 1

*Points for leveling up have been decreased to MAX 6000XP (so you will always level up no matter what!)


And best of all, no cheat engines, no 14 steps.. its as easy as


*Installing the mod in "My Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mods

*Take a quick job and select the shortest route

*take the route and make sure you park the trailer yourself

*BAM! You just got 6.000XP for that!!




Updated V1.1!


*Crashing a car costs €40

*Avoid Sleeping Costs €30

*Going the wrong way costs €10

*Speeding only costs €15

*No Lights During the night costs €15

*Red Lights Cost €10




UPDATED V1.2 improved by Juno8


EXTREME Money reward!!

Up to 800.000€ per cargo, even posibly more!! We dont even know!!!   


*Increased Value of all cargos and bonuses!!

*Increased AI driver Income!


Click HERE!!!J




*Now compatible with game update (v1.3.1)

*Fuel Consumption bug fixed


Click HERE!!!


Enjoy the mod!

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