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Adjustable Steering Wheels

Adjustable Steering Wheels News ETS2 / news ATS Total views: 3 966

In both American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2, players already have the option to

modify their interior camera viewpoint by adjusting the seat position, changing head position and modifying the view angle.

In earlier game updates, we've also made the in-cabin camera more lifelike by simulating steering and

blinker camera rotation as well as physical camera movement. But we still felt the job wasn't done, so now

it's time to go one step further in order to fully simulate the range of possible adjustments you could make in real life.

So without further ado: in the following game updates, we are going to add a small new feature: adjusting the steering wheel column position.

With this feature you'll be allowed to modify both the height and the angle of the steering wheel in order to give you

the chance to create your perfect driving position. With this we're one step closer to making the cabin in ATS and ETS2

just like the real thing. Last but not least, in the Seat Adjustment UI screen we will add the ability to modify

the Seat Adjustment window values with the mouse wheel.

We hope you're as excited about these features as we are. In the mean time, here is a short GIF showing it off:


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