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Expanding Road Infrastructure

Expanding Road Infrastructure News ETS2 Total views: 2 033

While working on the new Vive la France! map expansion DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2,

the team is creating and putting to use a new set extending the range of the various road types,

including new specialized prefabs for making highly detailed junctions.


Expanding Road Infrastructure


We are also paying close attention to how the road system blends with the surrounding terrain.


Expanding Road Infrastructure


Thanks to the amplified database of elements to build the world from, we are once again planning

to raise the standard, provide more lifelike look, and offer you more recognizable locations inspired by real world geography.


Expanding Road Infrastructure


Great amount of work was invested into improving our system for horizontal road markings.

It is now more flexible so that the road lines can be built in better agreement with the actual country-specific rules.

(Here is one of the sources of information which we are using if you are curious, on Wikipedia here


Expanding Road Infrastructure


We are eager to bring you new content, and there is a lot of it on the way,

but it's clear to us that when it comes to this new part of the world of ETS 2,

there is still several solid months of work to put into the new map DLC before we can finally release it.

Stay tuned, thanks for your patience!


Expanding Road Infrastructure

Disclaimer: This add-on is still very much work in progress.

You will notice placeholders for new trees and shrubs in some of the shots.









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