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» » Christmas and The New Year 2014 paint job competition!

Christmas and The New Year 2014 paint job competition!

Christmas and The New Year 2014 paint job competition! News ETS2 Total views: 2 439

Christmas and The New Year is approaching! Seeing the incredible level of creativity in screenshots uploaded to World of Trucks every day, we would like to announce a little official competition among those of you with the skill set required to create custom paint jobs. This will give us all even better understanding of the power of the modding community.



To participate, you need to create a paint job with Christmas or Silvester 2014 motive for your favorite truck. Make an in-game screenshot of your creation. Upload image to World of Trucks and let us know by mail that you have done it and are ready to have it reviewed (more info see in the Conditions below)



  • Our team will choose the best screenshots to be featured in Editor's Picks through the period of 20 December to 03 January.
  • SCS team will hand-pick 3 winners, to be rewarded by receiving the official World of Trucks t-shirt.

Trucks t-shirt World of Trucks

  • And off course anybody posting a nice screenshot can expect community appreciation and likes for the best Paint jobs creators - everybody wins if the site starts to reflect the special time of the year!



  1. Create a truck paint job with Christmas or New Year 2014 motive. Choice of tools is up to you. We are aware that this is a limitation, but as of now we still cannot offer an official toolset for this purpose. Current World of Trucks custom paint jobs looks magnificent already though, which shows what great talent and skill there is already in our community!
  2. Upload your image to the World of Trucks 
  3. E-mail us a World of Trucks link pointing to your image to the following email: (# sign replace with @)
  4. Your e-mail MUST have exactly this subject line: World of Trucks 2014


This way we will have easier time finding you and your creation.


The 3 finalists will be announced in the beginning of 2014.

We are looking forward to seeing your no doubt amazing creations!



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