Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC for ETS2

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Postcards from Finland

Postcards from Finland News ETS2 Total views: 261

Postcards from Finland

Finland is one of the many new countries featured in the upcoming DLC 'Beyond the Baltic Sea'. 
You will be able to drive through the more populated southern areas, where you can explore Finland's largest cities, 
industrial centers and where most of the Finnish population live. 
At this time, Finland is one of the most northern areas you can drive in the world of Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Some of you may know that when it comes to trucking in Finland, the HCT will be an important part of your experience. 
High Capacity Transport is currently one of the less common types of freight transport found within European countries. 
The most interesting types of HCT found consists of a truck, a semitrailer dolly, and a semitrailer. 
We hope that these new pieces of information about upcoming content will make you even more excited. 
We can't wait for you to cross the border to explore the Beyond the Baltic Sea expansion and see what lies ahead! 

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