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Panjelajers Indo Map v1.4

Panjelajers Indo Map v1.4 Version game: 1.22.x Total views: 2 507
Category: Maps ETS 2
Version Game: 1.22.x
Credits: Septian M.R, SCS
Submited by: admin

Description about Panjelajers Indo Map v1.4

Interesting, autonomous card with a complex and winding roads. Many serpentine and difficult routes.

Update v1.4:

– Added new region for left-side traffic.
– Adapting with new features of ETS2 version 1.22
– Added six new cities in the new region (Telukmuara, Cadar, Miliharjo, Argo, Sukoilir, and Parang).
– Rebuilt all northtern part (Hajisari, Ritung, Pradasari, Paleman, Marin, Karangati, Bukitsari, and Gunungjaya).
– Added 3 ferry lines.
– Bugs fixed and made improvements.


Update v1.3:

– Adding new ferry from calais to enter this map.
– Replace map far to the left.
– Adding one new city.
– Rebuild map in some part.
– Fixed some bugs.
– For more details find in Readme (Baca Dulu) file.


Update v1.2:

- Map redesigned, now it is not autonomous but connected to Europe! (Module europe.mbd),
- Added a new city
- Some cards rebuilt,
- Fixed some bugs
- Added currency rupees
- For more information read the file Readme.


Update lists in v1.1
– Adapting to changes of ETS2 version 1.20 (especially timing).
– Adding four new cities connecting from Demangu to Danau Serayu.
– Repair and change (rebuild) some point especially in Demangu.
– Add city area traffic in certain areas.
– For more details you can see Readme (Baca Dulu) file inside the mod file.

Previous features in version 1.0
* Released on August 16, 2015.
* This map released first and is still in trial.
* Delivers 14 cities (mostly rural).
* Still in the form of a basic form (base). Not yet added parts / additional mod.
* Adjust as a natural state of Indonesia (although still not as closely).
* While using the right lane roads. To the left lane road is still in process.
* One time will evolve into other cities in the next version.


Please share about your experience when playing Euro Truck Simulator2 using
INDO PANJELAJERS MAP or if there is a problem associated with this folder by post comments in
The following blog site.


In addition the new update of panjelajers folder or interesting information related can also be seen on this blog.
And if there are problems such as the install, or when playing no errors, bugs, or models that look
float can be asked here. Your advice can help in developing this mod folder.

If you want to share or comment by adding screenshots (ss), or video
can be sent via email the following: or


How to install? (if you have played it before).
– Cancel or finish your delivery job.
– Copy or replace all of the scs files in Document/Euro Truck Simulator2/Mod.
– Enjoy the game!


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