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Brazil Map v4.4 by Fabiano Teixeira

Brazil Map v4.4 by Fabiano Teixeira Version game: 1.20.x Total views: 4 543
Category: Maps ETS 2
Version Game: 1.20.x
Credits: Fabiano Teixeira
Submited by: tacsi68

Description about Brazil Map v4.4 by Fabiano Teixeira

Brazil Map v 4.4 [1.20.x]

Version 4.4:

Essential updating the map to work on version 1.20 of the game (just works in Version 1.20)

– Correction of Errors,
– 4 New Cities
– Open file, released for editing


Version 4.3:
- 43 New cities (total 369 cities)
- South Region completely remodeled
- Breaking added springs (CAUTION, REAL WORK THEM SLOWLY PASS)
- More than 5000 kilometers of new roads and compiled roads.
- Several cities in ARGENTINA to CHILE Capital.
- Sierra de Los Carecoles (one of the most dangerous in the world) added.
- Several new stops by bus and truck on several roads.
- Found Correcting errors reported by map travelers.


- Raised over 3000 KM of New roads, made from scratch, as follows:
- Built Highway Dom Pedro (Campinas - Jacarei)
- Built Highway SP-340/344 (Campinas - Mogi Mirim - Aguas da Prata - Pocos de Caldas)
- Built BR-101 Rio-Santos highway
- Built Tamoios Highway (Caraguatatuba-San Jose)
- Built Highway Oswaldo Cruz (Ubatuba-Taubaté)
- Built BR-381 and 262 (BH-Valadares and BH-Win)
- Built BR-356 linking (BH - Ouro Preto - Mariana)
- Built PR-444 (Londrina - Maringa)
- Built BR-495 (Serra Teresópolis - Petrópolis)
- Created a "new" BR-020 between Brasilia and Luiz Eduardo Magalhães, to increase the distance and give more realism
- Built BR-262 from Araxa to Belo Horizonte
- Built BR-101 between Rio de Janeiro and Cabo Frio (with insertion of Niterói and Rio-Niteroi Bridge)
- Built-BR 135/251 Among Curvelo / Montes Claros and Rio-Bahia (BR-116)
- Created Ferry (Ferry) between São Sebastião Ilhabela, with the creation of the island.
- Built BR-116 Turning Porto Alegre to Pelotas, Rio Grande, Jaguarão.
- Built BR-290 Turning Porto Alegre to Uruguaiana and early access to Argentina
- Designed Dozens of new cities being several of them functional.
- Added the Serra do Rio do Rastro
- Built Highway in São Paulo.
- Remade the entire MG-050 which connects Ribeirão Preto to Belo Horizonte, now fully in single lane
- Rebooked entire BR-040 between Brasilia and Belo Horizonte
- Rebooked entire BR-070 between Cuiabá and Barra do Herons (with creation of new road)
- Rebooked entire BR-364/060 between Cuiaba and Goiania (single lane until Jatai and Duplicate to Brasilia (with creation of new road)
- BR-153 redone between São José do Rio Preto and Goiânia (with creation of new road from Morrinhos)
- Rebuilt and repositioned the cities of Goiania and Anapolis, seeking greater realism
- Rebooked the BR-364 highway from Cuiaba to Cáceres, now is Single Track
- Highway between Parati and Volta Redonda now of land.
- The map now totals 304 cities in MAP BRAZIL TOTAL
- Amended the acronym of the roads on the map and GPS to Brazilian roads, according to the reality of where they go.
- Created mod exclusive to Busólogos with loads and bus Free added, and included in the fast charges.


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