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HUNGARY MAP v0.9.26 by Frank007

HUNGARY MAP v0.9.26 by Frank007 Version game: 1.19.x Total views: 5 147
Category: Maps ETS 2
Version Game: 1.19.x
Credits: Frank007
Submited by: tacsi68

Description about HUNGARY MAP v0.9.26 by Frank007

HUNGARY MAP v0.9.26 by Frank007 is RELEASED!

It's compatible with the patch 1.19!


Standalone map modification for Euro Truck Simulator 2, containing a work-in-progress, 1:3 scaled representation of the Hungarian road system as it existed around circa 2002. The map is "standalone", meaning that it is independent of the default Europe map: you have to create a new profile to play it, and load it as a separate module. It does not require any of the official map DLCs to work (Going East, Scandinavia).

This version was tested with v1.19 of Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Make sure to update the game to that version before installing the map!


The map contains only 70 cities so far, but I plan to add over 300 cities.


What's new

This version contains the following changes and updates:

- No new cities have been added!

- Several updates in the models and road network on the older parts of the map. The older areas received new models, prefabs, and more variety of interesting road scenarios to discover.

- Lots of map fixes. Hopefully you'll encounter much less invisible walls and other game-breaking bugs on the map.

- Map is converted to work with v1.19 of Euro Truck Simulator 2.


READ THE DESCRIPTION before starting the game!

Very important !!!


Mapping: Frank007
Models: Indian56, Retoucher, Gumikacsa, SCS Software 
Prefabs: FLD, SCS Software
Testing: Members of the RestaCargo VTC, and way too many people to list here.


Also, special thanks to everyone who helped development in any way, and everyone who helped bugfixing with their error reports.

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  1. Papawiou
    • +1
    Bonjour,je m 'appele papawiou,j'aime ets 2 et je souhaite du changement car j'ai visite les 4 coins de la map...
    J'ai vue des youtubeurs faire des vidéos sur cette map et elle m’intéresse...
    Je souhaite donc la testé je suis aussi youtubeurs ...Et en ce moment je réalise un albums photo numérique...
    Vue la qualité de la map j'aurais de quoi la finir tout en découvrant et en m'amusant ;)
    merci beaucoup ... :)

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