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Rus Map v1.4 for ETS 2

Rus Map v1.4 for ETS 2 Version game: 1.14.x Total views: 7 254
Category: Maps ETS 2
Version Game: 1.14.x
Credits: aldim@tor
Submited by: tacsi68

Description about Rus Map v1.4 for ETS 2

Map of Russia RusMap v.1.4 for ETS2 1.14 game version


- Game Version 1.14.1
- Fixed bugs of previous versions
- Sea Port of Saint - Petersburg - Calais (temporarily)

New cities:

Russia: St. Petersburg, Pskov, Novgorod, Valdai, Vishny Volochek, Porhov.

(Санкт – Петербург, Псков, Великий Новгород, Валдай, Вышний Волочек, Порхов.)

New roads:

Russia: M10, M20, A116, P57.

Possibility to combine with the following cards:
A map of Europe from MsHeavyAlex v.1.6 

MHA map EU 1.6 by MsHeavyAlex + RusMap v1.4

1. MHAPro map EU 1.6.STEAM 1.14.x.scs

2. zzzzz_rusmap_ver_1.4_for_ets2_1.14.1_def.scs

3. zzzzz_rusmap_ver_1.4_for_ets2_1.14.1_map.scs

3. zzzzz_rusmap_ver_1.4_for_ets2_1.14.1_model.scs

ProMods + RusMap v1.4 (???)

ProMods + Poland Rebuilding + RusMap v1.4 (???)

Truck Sim Map + RusMap v1.4 (???)


Note: For correct operation, the card must RusMap below the list of mods.










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  1. experimental trucker
    • 0
    Hello. This is a collection of runs all done in this map. Runs are between 300-1500km & gives an idea on how gameplay would be through a good percentage of the map. Glad to see the map return & updated.

    Moscow(RU) – Bryansk(RU) 555km run

    Moscow(RU) – Smolensk(RU) 576km run

    Smolensk(RU) – Mstsislaw(BY) 382km run

    Mstsislaw(BY) – Velizh(RU) 434km run

    Velizh(RU) – Valday(RU) 941km run

    Valday(RU) – Mazyr(BY) 1513km run