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Update the TSM Map on 4.6.1

Update the TSM Map on 4.6.1 Version game: 1.8.2,,, Total views: 5 782
Category: Maps ETS 2
Version Game: 1.8.2,,,
Submited by: tacsi68

Description about Update the TSM Map on 4.6.1

Update the TSM Map on 4.6.1

Update the TSM Map on 4.6.1


Update the TSM Map on 4.6.1



Changelog Update the TSM Map on 4.6.1


Some faults in the update were eliminated:

- fixed fault at exit company Fercam in Flensburg, exit is lower now

- fixed big truck on A3

- fixed signs by Rome

- fixed water by Rome

- fixed bush by Foggia

- opened the road by Euracres in Calabria, deviation can still be used

- reduced model and prefab density in Neaples to improve FPS on older graphic cards


new Citys in France: La Rochelle, Nantes

new Citys in Italy: Pescara, Foggia, Bari, Lecce, Potenza, Reggio Calabria, Napoli

new in the Regions in Italy: Lazio witht Latina, Puglia with Taranto and Brindisi,Calabria with Catanzaro and Crotone



SCS Software - for the GroundMap

50keda - for the new companies Sellplan und Kaarfor

FLD/TZ - for the Prefabs und Models (onyl for using in this map)

kamaz - for signs

Reislord - for signs

valera_t - for some Map Models

satan19990 - for his great Map Models

Königszapfen - for the pictures

2X2 - for the new car licence plates

mAn_Trucker - for the new companys



We also want to thank our user Carinthian, which has rebuilt Frankfurt, Tripolis and Aalborg.


And our special thanks goes to our users "Apple5G" and "Martin MO", who have converted all the old Models to the new *.pmg-Format.


If we have someone forgotten here, please leave us a note. We will mention you in you next version.


Version game:

Works with 1.8.x version


!!! These Mapversion is not compatible to the new patch 1.9 !!!



We have splitted our map in four parts:


TSM_Map_4_6_1 defs&mat.scs

TSM_Map_4_6_1 map.scs

TSM_Map_4_6_1 model.scs

TSM_Map_4_6_1 prefab&more.scs 



(These 4 Parts will be shown as „4.6“ in the gamelog.txt.)


We had to do changes in the hole map, therefor you must exchange all 4 Parts in the mod directory.


These Map isn't compatible to any other map! Only these map must be active! The only Exception: the activated DLC-East.


We wish all users driving without any crumples and wrinkles!

Your TSM Team


If you like this mod please come back for more. Hope you`ll enjoy... :wink_mini:

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