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» » Mario Map v12.2 for DLC France-New Update

Mario Map v12.2 for DLC France-New Update

Mario Map v12.2 for DLC France-New Update Version game: 1.26.x Total views: 2 471
Category: Maps ETS 2
Version Game: 1.26.x
Credits: Mario1961
Submited by: tacsi68

Description about Mario Map v12.2 for DLC France-New Update

Mario Map version 12.2 for Ets2 1.26.x game version

(New Update 26.01.2017)


*The card changed the layout of modules.

It is necessary to re-download all the card modules.



New Version 12.2 not working without DLC Vive la France!


ETS_2_Base_def & mat

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ETS_2_Base_prefab & more_part1

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ETS_2_Base_prefab & more_part2

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Weather map of Term99

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(Archive includes tractors from ATS, adapted to work with ETS 2)

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  1. Frankie
    • +2
    Hello tacsi68!

    Thanks for uploading your rework of this wonderful map. Sadly there is a mistake in connection with the upload of the parts. Part 12 should be ETS_2_Map_SGate_IWRr6 but in fact it is ETS_2_Mod__USA_Trucks_by_Term99_v2.1.0.7z [212.8 MB]. So part 14 is the same part.....the USA trucks part. I replaced one of the doubled parts with the original part from is working well. You did a good job but hopefully you will replace the wrong uploaded part with the correct one. And by the way...don't get me wrong...there are warnings in connection with the manifest files....category 'base' is unknown by the system ;-). In summary....great job you've done. Thank you very much for this.
    Regards from Germany.

  2. tacsi68
    • +1
    Hello Frankie!
    Thanks for referral and I apologize for My inattention. I solved it now everything is fine wink

    1. Frankie
      • +2
      Hi again.

      That was quick ;-) Thank you very much and keep on going with your amazing work and effort. I really recommend everyone to use this incredible map-combination!



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